A List of Best Places to Eat in Batam and Its Menu


The city of Batam in the Kepulauan Riau has an area slightly larger than Singapore. With a hot climate and infertile soil conditions, this city prioritizes the industrial and tourism sectors to support its economy. This fact makes Batam increasingly known among world tourists. Culinary outlets are competing to make their dishes to reach a wider market. Enjoying food while looking at the scenery is their way of pampering the tourists who come. Batam restaurants, and cafes serve dining tours with a concept that might be an allure for many of visitors, especially the younger ones.

  1. One Dozen Cafe

If you are looking for a cozy place with a warm, classic feel and good local food, One Dozen is the answer. Its coziness, with its shiny wooden chairs, will make you feel at home for a long time. This place is famous for serving many Indonesian snacks. You can order tape or fried bakwan to accompany the iced Americano. The menus available are seafood, Asian, and Western food.

  1. My Garden Resto & Bar

Like an oasis in the middle of red soil, My Garden Cafe presents the cool atmosphere of a small green forest in the city. A small pond in the middle of a beautiful garden, makes My Garden Resto often chosen as a place for engagements to be held. Rooftop is an option if the weather is sunny and you want to enjoy the city atmosphere from a high-point. At this garden restaurant, everything you want to eat is served, from heavy food to snacks or typical Batam cakes. Do not forget there is also a sorbet from fresh fruit which is on a special menu.

  1. De Patros Cafe Harbour Cafe

This cafe with the first outdoor concept in Batam consistently serves a diverse menu — from typical Indonesian to Western dishes. The outdoor area of ​​this place you can choose to enjoy delicious food with your family while looking at the view of Singapore from a distance. On the inside, you will find tables and chairs arranged neatly. Best menu here are soto, fried noodles, satay, steak, seafood dishes, and others. Accompanied by a breeze that blows from the beach, the area on the beach is never empty of visitors especially at night, for there are a lot of people who want to see the sprinkling of the city lights next door.

  1. Pantai Cafe

Directly facing the beach, this place is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy the night with good food and beautiful views. The atmosphere is very comfortable for everyone whether you want to come alone or with family. The management here provides several indoor facilities such as billiards and karaoke so that customers feel more amused.

Pantai Cafe offers a diverse food menu. Indonesian to Western specialties, meat to seafood, they are all available. Light snacks are also provided for those of you who just want to drink while enjoying the beach breeze.

  1. Chemistree Coffee & Eatery

Another good place to eat that makes you feel at home for a long time here. Lots of interesting spots that guarantee your Instagram feed looks stunning. Wooden furniture, soaring glass paneled roofs, and a big tall tree in the middle of the room will make you feel like you are in a greenhouse. As the name implies, in addition to coffee which is the main menu, the food offered is more Western speciality meals  such as spaghetti to fish and platter. Also a variety of sweet cakes and chocolate are available here.

  1. Lee’s Cafe & Bar

This is the most famous cafe among ladies, because there are many Teddy Bears in various corners of the room. Here, you can get 2 must-haves for social media lovers: delicious food and cool Instagram-worthy photos. Do not worry about prices, food menus such as rice bowls, spaghetti, and fried rice are very youngsters-friendly. With hundreds of dolls on tables, walls, and everywhere, Lee’s cafe is an unforgettable place when visiting Batam. Not only decoration, this doll can be borrowed to accompany you to eat and enjoy snacks if you came alone. Lovely place to get lots of hugs by lovely teddy bears.

  1. Anchor Cafe & Roastery

An American-style open concept, Anchor Cafe places many tables and chairs throughout the side of the building. On weekends, many expatriates come to visit. In addition to serving large portions, the taste of the food in this eatery is very American. Also here they have a live bar for the coffee making so visitors can see how the homemade coffee is. The coffee beans used are brought from various regions in Indonesia. If you demand any certain shape on your latte, the Baristas here will be glad to make it for you. Interesting right?

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