A List of Best Destinations in Bintan Indonesia


Bintan is a small island in the Riau Archipelago Province, which continues to be developed into one of the international tourist destinations. Marine tourism and golf are the main activities here. There is even a golf course that has direct views of the open ocean. Bintan has many foreign tourists because of its strategic location. Penyengat Island, Trikora Beach, and Lagoi Bay are very popular tourist attractions in Bintan. Here are 7 tourist attractions in Bintan that you must visit.

1.  Busung Sand Hill

There is no need to go all the way to the Middle East because there is also a desert in Bintan known as Bukit Pasir Busung. With various forms of sand dunes, tourists can take pictures at various angles. When the sun is shining brightly and the sky is blue, your followers on social media will surely be amazed by the photos or videos taken here. Don’t forget to prepare your phone memory.

2.  Blue Lake Kawal

Like in Bangka Belitung, a former sand mining area has become a tourist attraction in Bintan, namely Blue Kawal Lake. Mounds of white rocks and clear blue water seem to be the main sight when you come here. Visitors are not allowed to immerse themselves in it. So only allowed to take selfies. Another lake also formed from mining activities in Bintan is Blue Lepan Lake which is no less beautiful.

3.  Senggiling Beach

If Trikora Beach and Lagoi Bay are already very popular, then Sgil Beach is still relatively empty of tourists. The surrounding nature is still very original, beautiful, with white sandy beaches and rocks and trees that frame it. Access to this beach is tortuous, but the beautiful scenery will pay for all the fatigue. The view will be worth the effort to reach it.

4.  Bintan Mount

There are many travel agents in Bintan that have tour packages to Mount Bintan. If you like trekking, please visit this 400 meter high mountain. Not too high for beginners, but still fun for skilled climbers. The tour guide will also invite tourists to visit Gunung Bintan Waterfall while they are there.

5.  Crystal Lagoon

Called the largest swimming pool in Southeast Asia, Crystal Lagoon presents a marine tourism area in a vast man-made lagoon complete with sand similar to a natural beach. The area is relatively large, so tourists don’t have to fight over a place to swim or sunbathe. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your children.

6.  500 Lohan Temple

There is a religious site in Bintan that has a unique shape, namely Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Vihara is known as the Thousand Faces Monastery. This name was obtained because there are hundreds of statues that stand proudly in this Buddhist place of worship. Often called the 500 Lohan Temple, this temple was built in 2014 and opened in 2017 and is the largest temple in Southeast Asia after China. Amazing, right?

7.  Arang House and Panglong Village

Arang House and Panglong Village can be visited for photography tours to education. In addition to hunting for interesting photo spots, you can also learn about local culture. In the Rumah Charcoal area, tourists can see a dome-shaped house that the people of the Sea Tribe once used to make charcoal. While in Panglong Village, tourists can see the settlements of the Sea Tribe residents in the form of houses on stilts above the sea.

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