Babar Azam

Pakistan in Good Position for the ICC World Cup Says Babar Azam

As we march into the monsoon season, the days of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 get closer. The excitement and thrills have been magnified, with most teams getting into form. Pakistan deserves special mention in this respect. Their recent series victory against New Zealand has made them one of the favorites for the trophy. Babar Azam has marked his team’s win after a dominating victory against the Kiwis.

Babar Azam News: Pakistan is in a Good Position for the 50-50 World Cup, Asserts the Captain

Pakistan’s ODI team has been struggling to find form for the last decade. There have been many nightmarish experiences for the side in all the formats of the game. Plus, the team has lost to several lowly-ranked teams. However, Babar Azam, since he was appointed captain, has transformed the team into a winning side.

Babar has maintained a consistent form unbelievably well in the last two years. Also, he has motivated other players to perform even in unusual conditions. As a result, Pakistan’s victory percentage has skyrocketed in all three formats of the game. Their recent ODI series victory is worth mentioning here.

Why does Babar Azam say That Pakistan is in a Good Position for the ICC World Cup 2023?

In the recent past, whenever anyone talked about Pakistan’s chances of winning a tournament, people wouldn’t take it seriously. And there are reasons supporting this fact. First of all, the Pakistani team lacked confidence, which was the main cause of their losses. Also, their batting order kept changing from one series to another. The situation was no different in the case of their bowling department.

However, Babar Azam managed to put a stop to these issues. As well as performing better (as shown by Babar Azam’s stats, the captain took many decisions that turned the games in Pakistan’s favor. This is why we see the performance of the team improving lately. The loss of the Kiwis against Pakistan is one such instance.

New Zealand has always been a strong contender in any tournament. Considered underdogs, the Kiwis have shunned any strong team in all formats of the game, especially ODI’s. They have a balanced team with good batting and bowling. Their amazing fielding adds woe to the opposition. As such, beating them isn’t a piece of cake. You’ve got to toil hard to win a single game against New Zealand, let alone winning the series.

However, Pakistan, under Babar Azam, registered a thrilling series victory by 4-1. Their batting looked dominant against the strong Kiwi bowling attack. Pakistan successfully chased 337 runs in the second ODI match. Fakhar Zaman and other batsmen showed consistency in their batting throughout the series. Their bowling has always been fantastic. This is why the Pakistani skipper is confident of their team’s better performance in the upcoming ICC World Cup 2023.

Key Takeaways

The recent spectacular series win against the Kiwis has filled Babar Azam with confidence. In addition to bowling, the team has performed well with batting too. For these reasons, Babar’s assertion that Pakistan is in a good position for the upcoming ODI World Cup sounds convincing. Let’s see whether his team will transform his words into reality or not!