How Does Divorce Mediation Work -The Truth!

Divorce is when a couple decides to end their marriage and part ways. There are many ways to get divorced. One of them is divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is a divorce in which both parties settle for negotiation and find the issues and their solutions. There is a mediator who helps with negotiations and communications.  If you are looking for expert guidance, Charlotte employment law attorneys will be worth considering. 

Finding a mediator

If the couple decides to have divorce mediation, then the first thing they need to do is find a good mediator. The qualities that should be looked for in a mediator are:

They must specialize in financial variance, so they divide the asset. They must have extensive experience in mediation. They should remain calm and positive and let the couples decide on their own solution rather than poking their thoughts as an opinion. 

Framing the issues

After the selection of a good mediator, the next step is all about identifying the issues. This step is known to be the most crucial step in divorce mediation because it will determine the outcome of the mediation. In this step, both couples will express their needs and concerns and their reasoning behind them. The mediator will set some ground rules as well as mention the division of assets, child custody, and spousal support.


After identifying the issues, another important step of mediation is negotiations. The main reason for going through this step is to find a solution to all the issues, needs, and concerns of both parties and come up with an adjustment on which both parties are willing to compromise. This will result in a happier and healthier post-divorce. The mediator is responsible for adding some creative ideas to their discussion.

Agreement and finalize divorce

After finding a good mediator, identifying the issues, and going through the negotiations, both parties may have reached an agreement. The mediator should craft an agreement and ask for the couple’s signature on it. Both parties should read the whole agreement carefully and attentively and then sign it. After this legal settlement, only one thing remains: finalizing the divorce. When both parties sign, the mediation should be submitted to the court. If approved, the divorce will be granted without any trials or hearings. This will also save you money.

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If you are considering a divorce mediation to end your marriage peacefully, you can speak to a lawyer. They will assist you in connecting you to the perfect mediation and guide your case from there.