Hiring Fort Wayne personal injury lawyers: Keep an eye on these aspects

Whether grappling with injuries related to a car crash or filing a slip & fall accident lawsuit, you must be prudent and proactive. Many people talk about how they recovered huge settlements without an attorney, but do you really want to risk your claim? Hiring a Fort Wayne personal injury lawyer is easy with online directories and references, but before you sign up with a law firm, keep an eye on the aspects listed below.

Does the lawyer have enough experience?

That’s a critical factor in choosing an attorney. You shouldn’t hire someone just because they have a law degree. Instead, find someone who specializes in personal injury law and is based in Fort Wayne. Local courts operate differently in every city, and there are also elements unique to states. Ask the attorney if they have experience with similar lawsuits and claims, and if required, you can check their top settlements and cases.

Are they promising an outcome?

Injury lawyers are expected to be realistic and extremely cautious about what they tell clients. If you meet an attorney who is promising a particular amount in settlement or being impractical about the case, you know they are lying. Despite best efforts, lawyers often don’t have control over how things shape up in court. Also, some factors can influence the overall negotiation with the insurance company.

Is the lawyer open to communicating regularly?

It can take months before a settlement is reached between parties (or with insurance companies), and therefore, you shouldn’t assume that the law firm will have frequent updates on the matter. However, you should have access to the lawyer and be able to ask questions or discuss details. The first meeting can give you a glimpse of how communication with the legal team is likely to pan out.

Did the lawyer talk about the fee structure?

An injury lawyer usually works on a contingency fee, which is not the same as the standard hourly rate. Instead of an upfront payment, they will wait for the client to recover money and take a share of that amount. If you see that the attorney is unclear about charges, including expenses pertaining to the case, be upfront with that. The client-attorney relationship is based on trust and respect.

Lastly, check if you feel comfortable talking about the accident. If the lawyer doesn’t give you the space to open up and be transparent about details, don’t hire them.