Preparing For A Trip: A Suitable Distribution

Preparing a trip is not just about buying the ticket and embarking on an adventure. Among other things, you will have to prepare your luggage and know how you will carry it.

As a general rule of thumb, don’t bring anything you’re unwilling to lose or leave behind. Keep in mind that traveling clothes wear out faster since you will wear them much more often than when you were at home.

Take only what you are sure you will need. If something is missing when you arrive at your destination, think that you will buy it.

You should not put on clothes for the whole trip, keep in mind that you can wash them. Also, when choosing the wardrobe, you must inform yourself in case there are any rules or regulations in any of the countries you are going to visit. If the clothing is modular, it will save you a lot of space and weight in the backpack since you can use it in different sizes.

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With all this already clear, it is time to start putting things in the backpack, but be careful that everything has its corresponding place and order so that it is more comfortable for you.

The sleeping bag should be placed at the bottom, as it will not be used until the end of the day.

Next, we will place the heaviest items and then the delicate items.

Food should always be placed at the top of the bag, as it will be needed frequently.

In the outer pockets of the same, you have to store personal items, such as pocket knives, GPS, maps, cameras, etc. Also, do not forget to bring plastic bags, to put everything that can get wet and damaged.

Once you have everything ready and go on an adventure without forgetting, put on your right backpack. All the strips have a function; they are not a simple decoration. They are adjustable; make them hug your body. Always wear them fastened, both the belt and those that go to the height of the chest. That way, the weight is well distributed, and you feel a lot less.