Types of Websites

Building your business requires attention to your website design. The number of websites that are currently online has risen to nearly 1.7 billion, which gives you an abundance of different options to choose from. But also, it breeds lots of confusion over which design will work best for you.

Designers and small business owners should be familiar with all the different kinds of web pages available so that they can choose one that meets their needs. Testing and studying competitors’ choices allow you to create the right format for businesses and their customers.


A blog contains regular updates of articles, videos, and photos. Compared to magazines, blogs originally had more informal, personal content. Now, many individuals and businesses have their blogs rather than just relying on external sources. An individual or company’s credibility can be increased by adding expert content. Bloggers can also use their blogs to update their social media profiles and emails.

Blogs, however, can also prove to be cumbersome for smaller businesses. A fresh content strategy and a team should be in place before you launch a newsletter. Instead of having a hopelessly outdated blog, it is better to offer videos or guides rather than have a blog.

Entertainment Website

Whenever you visit a website for entertainment, you may wonder whether you are there purely for that purpose. It could be a humor website like The Onion, a webcomic like Xkcd, or something like Buzzfeed, which offers entertaining and engaging content.

Businesses and e-commerce websites strive to make money through advertising, but most of these websites do not sell products or services to generate money.

This kind of website allows different formats. If you want to create an educational or entertaining video, write an interesting blog post, draw a comic, or make a quiz, you can!


ECommerce Website

A website that allows customers to purchase products directly is an eCommerce website. Most big brands and many smaller ones have an eCommerce site so, you might have used them before. These are websites that allow you to provide credit card information for shopping and ordering.


Portfolio Website

A portfolio website shows examples of work you’ve done in the past. A portfolio website can be used by service providers who want to showcase some of their best past work to show potential clients the quality of their services. Websites of this type have a simpler design and are designed for specific tasks like collecting work samples.

Social media websites

Social media has more than 277 billion users across dozens of platforms. You can most likely find your audience online, whether they are on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, or Snapchat. The platforms themselves can’t be redesigned, but you can design your page and then share content through social media.

Be consistent across all your social media profiles and web pages, so users know what your brand is. Choose colors and logos that match. Be yourself on all your social media and web pages.