PGDM in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: A Detailed Guide

Logistics is one of the booming industries, with frequently emerging advanced processes and changes related to enterprise software, tracking & reporting technologies, or smart emerging business models. The PGDM in Logistics and Supply Chain Management course is designed for people who seek to gain advanced skills and knowledge in logistics and supply chain management. This degree helps them compete gracefully in this changing business environment.

PGDM in Logistics and Supply Chain Management – A Brief Introduction

The PGDM course is a post-graduation programme for students who wish to learn and explore Supply Chain Management.

The PGDM course focuses on specialisations in management, product operation, and life cycle management. An advanced & smart combination of design, production, and management for manufacturing goods and services. The course is designed to bring familiarity & knowledge to students with different skills like operation research and managerial activities.


  • Candidates should ideally have some experience in Printing Technology, Computer Science, Business Administration, and other Vocational Diploma programmes, Engineering, Technology, Chemical, Pharmacy, and Textile or have a degree of a similar kind.
  • Also, candidates must have qualified for their graduation or post-graduation from an acknowledged institute with a minimum of 55 % as the aggregate percentage.

Course Duration

The duration of PGDM in Logistics and Supply Chain Management depends upon the type of course —

  1. A diploma will be a 1-year programme. 
  2. A postgraduate programme will be 2-years long and spread across 4 semesters. 

PGDM Course Supply Chain Management: Admission Process

Admissions into the PGD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management course is based on the-

  1. Entrance exams (CAT, CMAT, XMAT, XAT, etc.)
  2. Counselling
  3. Personal interviews and group discussion rounds. 

Few institutes offer admissions based on merit. In such cases, the marks obtained at the graduation level determine admission.

Course Fees and Best Colleges for PGDM in Logistics

Here is a list of top colleges for PGDM in Logistics and Supply Chain Management courses- 

  • IIM Bangalore- Approx  ₹2,50,000/-
  • IIM Indore- Approx  ₹14,00,000/-
  • IIM Kolkata-Approx  ₹2,400,000/-
  • SCDL-Approx  ₹30,000/-
  • Chandigarh University-Approx  ₹1,59,000/-
  • The University of Petroleum and Energy-Approx  ₹3,75,000/-
  • University of Mumbai-Approx  ₹51,000/-
  • NMIMS- Approx  ₹50,000/-

Students must choose their colleges wisely considering the programmes each college undertakes. Some colleges provide internships or training under reputed companies based on their theoretical learnings that help better exposure.


Semester-based Course Details of PGDM Programmes


Semester 1-

  • Management Theory & Practice
  • Organisational Behaviour for Behavior Understanding
  • Business Economics for market understanding
  • Corporate Social Responsibility to boost CSR
  • Information Systems for Managers for process management
  • Business Communication for boost communication practices

Semester 2-

  • Financial Accounting & Analysis for smart inventory management
  • Essentials of HRM for smart human management
  • Strategic Management for strategic management
  • Business Statistics for understanding statistics
  • Business Law for similarity with law

Semester 3-

  • Operations Management for smooth operations
  • Supply Chain Management for smart supply management
  • CRM
  • Total Quality Management for maintaining quality support
  • Enterprise Resource Planning for the best resource planning

Semester 4

  • Advanced Supply Chain Management 
  • World-Class Operations for standard class operations
  • Logistic Management for logistic support
  • Decision Analysis & Modelling for data understanding
  • International Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Business: Ethics, Governance & Risk

PGDM in Logistics Salary

Here is a list of some job roles that recruit candidates with a PGDM in logistics. 

  • Quality control manager

The Quality control manager’s work is to maintain and secure the quality of finished goods and ensure that it matches the set standards which the government has prescribed.

The usual salary pay of a Quality control manager is 5,00,000.

  • Assistant Operation Manager

The Assistant Operation Manager is to work on the maintenance coordination & supervision of their employees. The usual salary pay of an Assistant Operation Manager is 4,00,000.

  • Business Manager

The Business Manager is to work on the management of Goods and Services in an adequate & efficient manner. The usual salary pay of a Business Manager is 6,00,000.

  • Logistics Assistant

The responsibility of the Logistics Assistant is to retain the inventory of the stock. The usual salary pay of a Logistics Assistant is 3,00,000.

  • Purchase Manager

The Purchase Manager is responsible for Management of Supply Chain Management, Planning, and forecasting of demands and supply. The usual salary pay of a purchase manager is 5,00,000.

Scope In Various Sectors

The Students of PGDM in Logistics and Supply Chain Management have scopes in various sectors-

  1. Couriers
  2. Third-party logistics management etc. 

Furthermore, other roles include Client Service Managers, Fulfilment Supervisors, Transportation Managers, Warehouse Operation Managers, Supply Chain Software Managers, International Logistics Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Shipping Coordinators, Supply Chain Analysts, etc. (read more: PGDM VS MBA)

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What is PGDM in logistics and supply chain management?

Post-graduation in supply and management is a comprehensive programme for managing smart inventory in the organisation with the most suitable procedure and promising practices. 

What is the scope of logistics and supply chain management?

The scope of logistics and supply chain management is great due to booming industries with frequently emerging advanced business processes & frequent changes. The changes are with regards to enterprise software, tracking & reporting technologies, or smart emerging business models.

 Is Logistics and Supply Chain a good career?

Definitely, it’s a wonderful career option based on your interest, score & college you get in.