5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Amazon Consulting Firm 

If you are already on amazon, then you know that there are many aspects of selling that need to addressed to establish a successful business on amazon. The whole journey starts with building your online store on amazon. Later many tools and techniques are introduced to take your amazon business to the new heights. All these would require lot of work and efforts. Hence it is always good to hire amazon consulting firm to make things easier. If you are planning to hire a consultant then here are 5 key questions to ask your consultant before hiring.

  • What services do they offer?

This is surely a key question to ask before hiring the services. You would not want to hire separate consultant for each amazon service and hence it is good to find a consultant offering all the key services under one roof. You may require services like ppc, sponsored ads management, amazon product listing services, A+ content management, and also product photography services to get high-quality images. If all these services are offered under one roof, then co-ordination would be really easy and effective. 

  • How many years of experience do they have?

Experience may not always matter if you are getting right set of expertise. However, it is good to hire the experienced team as they will work based on their experience and implement the right tools to get you the best results in less time. If they have experience of handling similar business then it is even better as they will target the right set of customers from their database.

  • Do they carry out keyword research for effective SEO?

When proper keyword research is done and right set of keywords are used in description as well as title then the chances of better search ranking would increase dramatically. It is good to check whether the consulting firm you are hiring is having effective SEO practices in place or not. Well-established SEO practices will offer long-term results and put your marketing on auto-mode once done.

  • What is the Client Retention Rate?

Your relation with your amazon consultant will be long-term and it is therefore important to know how their client retention rate. This will give you a brief insight into their working strategy and processes. Mostly the consulting firm will share only the details of their clients but hardly share the retention rate. It is good to ask this question before hiring the services to ensure long-term results. 

  • What is their expertise?

Amazon product listing and storefront designing may include many areas like product photography, enhance brand content, content management, infographics, and even amazon FBA management. Check whether the consulting firm has an efficient team of experts in each area to take care of all the aspects of amazon product listing. This will not just save you money but would also save you time as you would not be required to co-ordinate with various experts.

Hire a good consulting firm and make your journey with amazon successful. You can then concentrate on your product portfolio get more business.