Tips To Help You Choose The Best Area Rugs For Your Home! 

There are so many factors that rug shoppers take into consideration while narrowing down best options, and rug shopping is typically very time-consuming and stressful.

This is largely because you’re going to have a seemingly endless amount of rugs to choose from, which is why it’s so important to put your trust in an expert’s hands. We’ve partnered up with the industry specialists at Rug Source to help us develop this list of tips oriented around finding the best area rugs for you and your home, so take the following expert advice while you’re in the process of finding your next area rugs! 

Best Rug Sizes (Per Household Space)

There are many factors that go into deciphering the best rug size for each room of your home, and this is largely because every room will offer different dimensions and aesthetics. 

Below are some tips to keep in mind for each household area in terms of rug size: 

  • Dining rooms: Your dining room table’s size will dictate which rug size you should choose. Be sure that your rug extends at least two feet beyond the edges of your table, because this will provide better underfoot comfort for you and your guests. 
  • Living rooms: Most people will put their living room rugs right in the middle of the space, and it’s typically best to ensure that each piece of furniture is at least partially resting on top of the area rug. Rug layering is also a good option when you have a large living room area. 
  • Bedrooms: Bedroom rugs should make your bed the focal point from a décor standpoint, and it’s often an aesthetic option to extend your area rug at least two feet beyond the bed on all sides. Runner rugs are also good options in bedrooms as they can extend along the sides of your bed. 
  • Kitchens: A lot of people like placing rugs in front of sinks and stoves, and stylish runner rugs are gaining popularity in kitchens as well. Just be sure to invest in a rug pad so you’re preventing slips in these often wet areas. 

Rug Shapes 

More and more people are choosing to stray away from the traditional, rectangular area rugs that have dominated the industry for so many years. Today, round rugs have grown in popularity and are providing unique aesthetics to household areas and entranceways. 

Runner rugs are also gaining traction for bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms and kitchens. 

So just remember that you don’t always have to get a rectangular rug these days! 

Rug Colors 

Rug colors are always very important for every shopping experience, because your new rug’s colors will often need to aesthetically match your room’s existing furniture and colors. 

But rug color is also where a lot of people bring out their personal creativity, and you can choose whether or not you want your new rug to be the focal point of attention in your room. 

Your rug can be a dominant color, a secondary color, or an accent color. But no matter which direction you go, just make sure your new rug looks fantastic where it’s placed! 

Rug Patterns 

When you’re choosing between different rug patterns, you’re going to need to consider your space as a whole. Factors like patterned walls and furniture should be important from an aesthetic standpoint, and creating the perfect blend of aesthetics is crucial for every room! 

Foot Traffic 

A room’s foot traffic is also incredibly important for all rug shoppers to keep in mind, because the higher the foot traffic, the more durable your new area rug will need to be. Low-pile area rugs tend to be better when it comes to high-traffic areas , and high-pile rugs typically only work out well in areas with low foot traffic. 

Contact The Rug Source Specialists When You’re Shopping For New Area Rugs! 

There are so many factors that go into rug shopping these days, which is why this type of home décor shopping is stressful for a lot of people. But the good news is that there are plenty of rug industry experts out there who can help you find the perfect rug for you and your home. 

You can speak directly with the Rug Source specialists by clicking on the hyperlink to their website at the beginning of this article!