How to Find Real Love on a Dating App – The Extreme Way

Apps like, Tinder and Hinge all rely on the human need for companionship.

It’s a lucrative business as figures show with the dating industry currently being worth over 3 billion dollars.

That’s a lot of people looking for a lot of love – so it shouldn’t be too hard to find your ideal partner should it?

The problem is that not everyone wants the same thing and not everyone is completely honest either.

For those keen on finding a long-term partner, the problems they encounter vary from people lying about what they want and saying they’re also interested in a committed relationship only to bail when things get more intimate, to people finding that many online daters already have partners.

If you’re one of the people who is looking for love in a genuine way, try approaching the whole thing a little differently.

  • Take sex off the table – this might sound radical but it’s one way of weeding out the people who are only looking to hook-up. Anyone who is really interested in a long term relationship will stick around and get to know you regardless of whether you sleep with them or not because that part of the relationship will come with time.
  • Don’t date people who don’t delete the app after five dates – another potentially shocking one but nonetheless could be one way to weed out people who aren’t serious. Five dates is plenty of time to get to know someone enough to decide you want to be involved with them. It’s not a very American way of dating but that doesn’t mean it’s not right.
  • Don’t agree to meet anyone who’s flaky– yes, that’s right. If they try to reschedule, ditch them. That’s because barring death, nothing should be more important to them than meeting their potential match. If they flake out on you, don’t put up with it.

Managing your dating life in this way might cut down on the amount of dates you actually attend but that’s because you’ve weeded out the bad eggs.

It should improve the quality of your dates enormously.

Dating is hard enough when you’re doing it online – make your life easier and don’t put up with any nonsense. You’re worth more than that!

That’s what Whitney Wolfe Herd thought when she broke up with Justin Mateen her fellow Tinder co-founder.

Shame he went to the dark side immediately and began a campaign of abuse which ended up being settled out of court! Alongside Mateen was Sean Rad, the then CEO of Tinder who is currently involved in a court case in which Rad alleges that Tinder low-balled the worth of Tinder deliberately so they’d have to pay out less to Rad when his time there ended.

Rad is not at all happy with the way things are turning out but is he someone trustworthy? It doesn’t seem so – it was Rad who secretly recorded employees at Tinder in an attempt to get evidence for a lawsuit (and got caught doing it) and it was Rad who said some outlandish things not long after losing his CEO position at Tinder.

Now he’s being accused of paying off a witness in the latest court case!

None of it paints anyone in a great light – and just goes to show that some people will do anything to get what they want.

That’s why you shouldn’t take any nonsense when you’re dating online – stand up for yourself and insist you’re treated well!