Money makes the Strip Club go round

Have you been thinking about visiting a Melbourne strip club soon? The only rule you need to follow is to tip. Not just a couple of bucks but enough to buy someone a decent meal. Tip everyone, not just the naked dancers but the servers and the barman and everyone else who is making your visit pleasant. People who tip well get more than what they expect. Dancers always remember a generous tipper. Next time you go out looking for adult entertainment know that you can finesse your way from one strip club to another by doing these few simple things:

Draw up a budget

Decide beforehand what you can afford to blow on your night out at a Melbourne strip club. This will help you decide how much you can spend on tipping the girls on stage. There will be more than one dancer, so don’t blow it all up on one performer. Take small change. A pile of 100 $1.00 bills will make you seem like a real high roller.  But when your wallet starts to feel lighter and the ATM machine in the corner seems to be beckoning, that should be your cue to walk away.

Understand where you are

Melbourne is home to a number of strip clubs that are all different and dramatic. Strippers are required to look good, be in great shape and be able to entertain with dance moves. Each dancer has to bring something different, no club wants to have the same kind of dance routines being performed on stage. So, strippers put a lot of work into making themselves stand out, that in itself deserves some appreciation. Some strip clubs offer full nudity, others don’t. some have a kind of burlesque, cabaret vibe others are just straight on strip tease simple taking pieces of clothing. Some have lap dancing others don’t. Some have private VIP booths others only have a curtain that separates you from the rest of the room whilst you are getting a special dance.

Start tipping as soon as possible

People who work in strip clubs talk a lot and they share information about the customers that walk in, so if you are nice and tip well, that information will be shared around the club and all the girls will be vying for your attention. They do it in subtle ways but the sooner you begin tipping the better. You may be escorted to the best seat in the club or a spot with the best view. You may also get the finest strippers to come over and perform for you.

Essentially, when you tip well, you get the best service and the best dancers within reach. Once you spot a girl you like, you can ask her for a lap dance. Before you do though, ask how much it will cost you. Don’t be the guy who goes to enjoy a great dance and great bottle service only to end up with a bill you can’t pay. Always keep in your mind that strippers are working for tips and they only go home with what they get after paying the stage fee, the stage-mom fee, the DJ, the Barmand – and virtually anyone who makes their work in the club pleasant. A stripper needs to ow that they will be well-rewarded by spending a lot of time with you. If a girl knows she will get a fair amount of money from you then she will give you all the attention you want.

So, the girl in front of you has nothing on but a tiny bikini. Where do you put the money? You see in the movies men tagging bills on the bikini straps. Do not do that! That will get you thrown out so hard your head will spin. The cardinal rule of any Melbourne strip club is – DO NOT TOUCH! To be safe, just put the money on the stage. If anyone is going to touch her, it will be an act that she initiates.