What makes a bike trip more pleasant?

If you dream of a bike trip but you have not had the time or the money or you think your bike is not up to the challenge, we have good news for you. One of the best ways to get into the fascinating world is to start with a weekend trip (1 or 2 nights). If you enjoy your first trip, it is most likely that you will end up falling in love with biking. We want to see more and more people choosing to rent bike in Hyderabad, so here we share practical tips.

Distance is not important

There is a myth that to travel by bike you need to have superhuman abilities and be an inveterate adventurer. The truth is that you have the ability to venture as far as you want, as long as you set a destination according to your abilities and ride at your own pace. 

Give your trip a purpose

One way to make the trip much more interesting is to give it a personal goal. For example, you can plan a visit to a national park, visit a nearby town or city, or attend an event in another city. Find places of interest where you can stop to rest and restock water and food. 

Plan your route

One of the great differences of traveling by bike is that not only the final destination is important, but also the journey itself is part of the adventure. Study the different alternatives you have to reach your destination and choose the most attractive one. 

Do not expect to have the most sophisticated bike

The ideal would be to have a touring bike, but it is not essential and they are also expensive. Most likely, the bike you already have will work for you to start with. As long as it is comfortable over long distances and allows you to carry the necessary load.

You do not need to have the best panniers to start

For a weekend trip, you do not need a lot of luggage. You can start using the basket of your bike, adapt a backpack to the rear rack or use the panniers you already have. Afterwards, if you fell in love with bike trips, you can look for panniers according to your needs.

Learn basic mechanics

It is not necessary to be a guru of mechanics. If you give your bike regular service, you will reduce the probability of suffering a breakdown on the road. On weekend trips, the most common mishap is a puncture. The suggestion here is to check the properly before taking the delivery.

Prepare according to the weather

Every trip is different so there is no single list of what to pack for a bike trip. For a short weekend trip, most likely you will not even need camping equipment since you can stay in a small hotel and eat in local restaurants that you find on your route. The final destination is not the only thing that counts. Enjoy the landscapes, meet new people and feel the freedom that the bicycle gives you.