Ways Cockroaches Might Enter Your House

Roaches are the most irritating, harmful, and nasty pests that infest your house. The comfort of your home is what attracts these nasty creatures inside your home. The warmth of your premises, food, and water is what attracts them. But have you wondered how they get inside your house? A pest control manager from pest control Nampa has chalked out some ways they are entering your premises. Have a look and ensure you eradicate the entrance areas.

Window or door gaps and cracks

These insects are small in size, and they take the privilege of their size and enter through your door or window gaps and cracks. Ensure that you close the doors and windows properly. If there is any gap, seal them to secure your homes.

Hitching a Ride

Ensure that you check the bags of your school-going kids because sometimes food is left in them. Rotting and stale food invites roaches. They take a lift in the bags of your kids and enter your house, not wanting to leave.


Be careful if you are buying second-hand furniture or picking them up from a garage sale, as it is more likely that the families are selling this furniture either because they got bored or are leaving the place. You do not know if the furniture was kept in a hygienic environment. Sanitize them, or do not bring in used products.

Holes in vents or pipes 

Pipes and vents are the ideal gateways for the roaches. If you are buying an old house or you can see roaches entering your house, check for holes or cracks in the vents or pipes. Call a plumber or ask your landlord to fix the cracks.

How can you get rid of Cockroaches in a Natural Way?

There are a lot of natural products that will help you to keep these pests at bay. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Borax
  • Boric acid
  • Citric acid 
  • Baking soda
  • Lemongrass and peppermint essential oils

Make a mixture of one of these components with water and spray them all over your house. They can also be used to mop floors. Another way to use these is in the bait. You can take any kind of food and sprinkle them with baking soda or boric powder and place them in the places you find cockroaches. These products are poisonous to cockroaches.