RiverMist Resort, Your Answer to Where to Stay in Chikmagalur

One of the most common adages about appreciating nature is to just sit back and take it all in. Here the RiverMist resort is surrounded by lush coffee plantations while they are there. Surrounded by the beauty of nature’s richness, the RiverMist Resort is a haven of peace. There is no better weekend getaway option than this resort in Chikmagalur, located only a short drive from the city of Bangalore. Once you visit this place you will surely like to stay here for a while. For that choice, the resorts in chikmagalur with pool would be a proper choice to relax and embrace the spirit of nature.

It’s easy to get back in touch with nature at RiverMist Resort, where the Nethravathi River symbolizes the resort’s eco-friendly ethos. You and your family will enjoy a relaxing vacation at this resort. Swimming in the pool, participating in a wide range of indoor sports, or just taking in the breath-taking beauty of a stunning waterfall are all options available to you. Other than that, it is the lap of western hats and the only resort in Chikmagalur with the Riverside BBQ. This resort is well-known and regarded as one of the best in Chikmagalur because as well as a separate play area for kids. No doubt that this is the perfect destination spot.

Things to know before heading for your journey

Chikmagalur is a serene spot to visit at any time of day or night due to its climate and nice weather throughout the year. Summers are warm and pleasant, while winters are chilly and gloomy. During the monsoon season, the region experiences heavy rainfall. Many temple towns and hill stations, such as Ranni Jhari, Kodige falls, ballarayanadurga fort, Hornadu, Kalasa are only a short drive away from this Mudigere resort, making it an ideal location for weekend getaways. Visiting this place is a real bliss and for those who love nature and hills, this is the perfect gateway.

Simply put, it is known as one of the top Resorts in Chikmagalur

RiverMist has a wide range of programs for nature lovers, ranging from romantic retreats to family vacations. The possibilities are almost limitless. The Chikmagalur region of Karnataka’s Chikmagalur district is home to one of the best resorts in the state of Karnataka. At a reasonable price, the resort offers a wide range of high-quality services.

The couples will enjoy staying at RiverMist resort. RiverMist offers it everything, from beautiful accommodations to activities like tea plantation treks. A resort in Chikmagalur along with an Infinity pool, you may take in the fresh air from the rising mountains and experience an unfiltered touch with nature. So this is the best chance for a wonderful time in the hills. Winter can be the ideal time and the resorts welcome you for a pleasant and comfortable visit.