Mastering the Sword: A Guide to Sword Master Story in 2023

Super Planet, a Korean developer studio, has released numerous mobile games since 2016, including Sword Master Story, an action RPG. This game follows the journey of Cain, an ordinary student who is transported to another world and becomes a Sword Master, fighting against evil.

Heroes play a crucial role in Sword Master Story, and they are classified into various classes and types. The classes include Warrior, Healer, Archer, and Mage, while the types comprise Leaf (Green), Water (Blue), Fire (Red), Light (Yellow), and Dark (Purple). The classification of heroes affects the gameplay and the damage dealt to enemies. New heroes can be summoned through Ruby Summon, 4-Star Summon, and 5-Star Summon. Among these, Ruby Summoning is the easiest.

Embark on a thrilling journey of heroism and power in this game, where upgrading your heroes is the key to achieving victory. There are three primary ways to upgrade your heroes: Level up, Equipment, and Skills.

Leveling up is the cornerstone of hero development, with each level earned bringing your hero one step closer to their full potential. But the path to greatness is not an easy one, and only the most dedicated players will reach the highest levels.

To aid in this quest, equipment can also play a vital role in enhancing your heroes. From swords to shields to magical trinkets, the right equipment can mean the difference between victory and defeat. However, upgrading equipment is no easy feat – collecting shards is a must, and the number needed increases as the rarity and star level of the equipment increases.

Sword Master Story has three primary currencies: Gold, Rubies, and Stamina. Gold is used to upgrade hero stats, Rubies are used for summoning, and Stamina is needed for fighting and progressing in the game. Stamina is obtained through battles and quests, while Gold can be gained through battles, quests, and achievement rewards. Rubies are the hardest to obtain, but players can obtain extra resources by joining a guild and participating in raids, battles, and PVP fights.

Players who want to play Sword Master Story on Redfinger can follow these steps. Firstly, they need to search for “REDFINGER” on Google Play and download the app or use the app via the official website. After completing the sign-in steps, they can access the Redfinger cloud smartphone and search for Sword Master Story in the search bar. Then, they can download and install the game on Redfinger Android emulator and start playing.

Mastering Sword Master Story takes time and patience, but following these tips and tricks can help players progress through the game. With a diverse range of heroes and a compelling storyline, Sword Master Story is an action RPG worth checking out.