How To Send Legitimate Text Messaging Using 10DLC Approval

The term 10DLC has been abuzz among many enterprises. It may sound confusing at first, but it is actually a simple terminology that means 10-Digit Long Code. It is a regular phone number made of ten digits – hence the name.

Mobile carriers developed 10DLC as a channel for Application-to-Person or A2P text messaging used by businesses to reach customers and send them relevant information. It has become the standard in A2P messaging, helping companies in their marketing efforts and enabling them to send higher volumes of SMS messages to consumers.

Before mobile carriers introduced 10DLC, organizations relied on Person-to-Person (P2P) messaging and other A2P channels. These include local long codes, toll-free long codes, and short codes. However, these channels came with limitations and expensive costs, causing inconveniences to businesses.

10DLC was formed to address these previously mentioned issues. It also allows higher deliverability and compliance when it comes to mass messaging. Additionally, it helps reduce phishing incidences and spam messages as companies using 10DLC are required to register their campaigns to know who is sending the text messages and what they are sending.

Enterprises that have to use 10DLC can depend on approved providers like TeleMessage to help them register the brands and campaigns with the third-party organization known as The Campaign Registry (TCR). Mobile carriers may stop sending text messages from an unregistered 10DLC phone number, resulting in an error message instead.

In addition to being an approved provider, TeleMessage also offers mobile solutions that can securely archive SMS text messages, voice calls, WeChat, and WhatsApp conversations. Its instant message capture and retention technologies ensure regulatory compliance to various relevant data protection laws. For example, TeleMessage’s mobile archiving products can help officials and employees adhere to the Texas 944 text message regulation.

For more information on the matter, keep reading this infographic from TeleMessage that covers sending legitimate SMS messages with 10DLC approval.