How Should One Prepare for Partial Dentures?

Dentures may serve as your mouth’s most excellent companion when worn and cared for properly. You might need some time to adjust to your new teeth, or you might start eating your favorite foods right away. A cosmetic dentist in Manhattan can help! 

You Could Have Red or Sore Gums

The partial teeth for the upper or lower jaws rest on the gums, and occasionally this can cause the lips to become inflamed and sore. The sore areas could be caused by the prosthesis tipping, cutting edges on the inside, improperly fitted edges, or too much pressure on the lips.

It is significant to remember that the shape and borders of the lips also have a considerable impact because there is no break for the mouth; sharp or narrow lips may also cause ill-fitting teeth.

If necessary, your dentist will trim the prosthesis to match the shape of your lips after you discuss the inflammation of your gums with them. Your dentist may conduct gum augmentation treatments to support if the mouth shape is the problem. 

For a while, your speech may become slurred. Your normal dentition is what your mouth, muscles, and other teeth are accustomed to. Therefore, it might take a while for your teeth to adapt to the new prosthetic once you start donning dentures. 

You might benefit from some pronunciation and speaking practice from your dentist. The issue typically manifests when the partial front prosthesis is worn. The dentist may also need to trim the prosthesis based on its edges and overhangs.

You Might Experience a Temporary Change in Taste

Even though teeth lack taste receptors, they can still affect how some meals taste. If you have a denture, whether complete or partial, you might not be able to digest food as well as you could see when you had your real teeth, which could affect the flavor of the food. The good thing is that your flavor will not be significantly impacted when partial teeth fit correctly.

Try routinely cleaning your teeth to see if that helps if you continue to suffer flavor loss. If the issue continues, your doctor might suggest getting implants or trimming the denture to occupy less space.

You Might Need to Adhere to Certain Food Restrictions

While wearing dentures may make it easier for you to swallow and consume, there can be some dietary limitations. On the other hand, partial dentures do not require as many food limitations, but your dentist may counsel you to stay away from sticky foods, firm sweets, nuts, poultry, and other things until the denture fits comfortably.

Eat soft meals for a few days after getting a prosthesis, such as mashed potatoes, liquids, rice, etc. After getting used to swallowing, you can gradually introduce harder meals.