Getting The Right Kind of PRP Tubes Is Essential for The Quality of PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma therapy or PRP is the latest trend in the cosmetic as well as medical field. This therapy has the potential to treat various issues right from healing the wound to skin rejuvenation treatment. Since the treatment includes using blood plasma from the patient itself, it is extremely safe and reliable.

What is PRP?

PRP preparation involves isolating the platelet concentrate successfully from the white and red blood cells along with other compounds present in the blood sample.

The procedure involves:

  • Drawing the blood from your arm
  • Placing into a machine through a PRP tube
  • The machine separates the platelets from the blood through centrifugation
  • Re-injecting the blood with a high concentration of platelet (blood serum) on the affected area

PRP therapy is used:

  • By orthopaedics for treating injuries in athletes
  • By dermatologists for hair loss problem
  • In the healing of wounds
  • By dermatologists for skin rejuvenation treatment
  • In dentistry for tooth extraction, various periodontal problems

However, it largely depends on the kind of PRP preparation and the kind of tools and accessories used like mainly the PRP tubes. The tube takes the centre stage for deriving the right platelet concentration needed for a PRP injection. You can buy PRP tubesfrom Dr.RenatAkhmerov’sPlasmolifting Technologies that are branded and made in Italy for PRP treatment.

Their tubes are made out of glass belonging to the 3rd hydrolytic class and have a top-quality separator gel, which becomes a perfect barrier between the plasma content and the blood elements. The tubes are FDA-approved as a first-class medical device and contain an anticoagulant to prevent blood clotting and platelet aggregation.

Why choose the right kind of PRP tube

It is important to choose the right kind of PRP tube for the therapy for 3 main reasons:

  • To prevent contamination to the blood sample or the resulting PRP serum
  • Ensure clear separation of platelet from the blood compounds
  • It makes the extraction of platelets much easy and more convenient.

Kind of PRP tubes used

Usually, the default configuration in a centrifugation process includes a vacuum-sealed tube that can hold the autologous blood for platelet recovery. However, depending on the kind of PRP kit used, there is a possibility of using one or different types of PRP tubes for the procedure.

The vacuum-sealed tubes with centrifugation are the most reliable and authentic type of PRP tubes. They are used for the PRP procedure that involves drawing blood from the patient, placing it into the centrifuge, and getting the platelet concentrate in a syringe for PRP therapy.

These tubes minimize the risk of contamination to the PRP serum or theblood sample collected after centrifugation. It also insures trouble-free platelet recovery after the centrifugation procedure.

With the use of authentic and reliable PRP tubes, the PRP production process becomes easy, much fast, and more reliable.

The most important factor to consider is to get authentic and reliable PRP tubes from certified sources like Plasmolifting Technologies offer. A good quality PRP tube not only helps in a successful PRP treatment, but also provides confidence in patients to go for this treatment.