Check our pros and cons of using wooden pallets

Pallets come with a variety of features to offer the users. One amazing fact is that these are available in different types. Most interior designers are seen recommending wooden pallets from brands like Spec Wood for home décor. It is because only these can provide you with looks, style, and affordability all in one. Wooden pallets are globally uses for various purposes in commercial and residential projects. These are also used for outdoor settings.

It would be wise to also keep in mind the weak side of wooden pallets so that you can take precautions to avoid the same. In this article, we will discuss and guide you on the common pros and cons of using wooden pallets in different types of projects.

Pros of using wooden pallets:

Wooden pallets are affordable and thus, people with low budget can also think of designing classy home décor with these pallets. Lower prices also make it huge in demand. Anyone can buy them at lower price from different markets. These are so cheap that there are no risks of black market or low quality.

Few other features to notice are the durability and maintenance part. If these are taken with basic care, products made from wooden pallet stick for long with you. The only thing you need to remember is not to let it come in contact with excess water. These are easily available in the market and can be recycled too!

The high friction levels in wooden pallets also make them easy and convenient for transportation.

Cons of using wooden pallets:

Wooden planks or pallets are more prone to bacterial growth and infestation. Thus, it is not advisable for distant transportation. Issues like Salmonella can be unhealthy to use. Another area of concern is these are not fireproof and waterproof. They may be water resistant to one extent but, definitely not fireproof.

Wooden pallets are derived from Timber. Thus, there are higher risks of deforestation. The cutting down of trees can be bad for the ecological and environmental balance. If this is true, then you cannot call them environment friendly. One more concern that people have observed is that furniture or décor items made from wood pallets are not resistant to stains. Thus, you have to be careful in using them.

Cheap quality wood pallets other than Spec Wood can be unhygienic as these are majorly exported from the sea. Thus, these are at higher risks of mold, fungus, and insects.