6 signs that you need to book a dental appointment now

Unfortunately, a lot of people ignore the relevant need for preventive dental care. Chances are high that you can prevent most common dental concerns with regular appointments. There are also times when you may need to visit a Powell, TN dental office for emergency situations. Here are telltale signs for seeing a dentist without delay.

You have a toothache

Pain is often one of the primary reasons to see a dentist between regular appointments. You may have a toothache, pain in the gums, or even jaw pain. There could be several reasons for sudden pain, including deep decay, inflammation in gums, or a wisdom tooth trying to find space. It is best to go for an oral examination without delay.

You have bleeding gums

If you have noticed bleeding from the gums while brushing or flossing, consider it an emergency and go to a dentist right away. It could be related to gum disease, decay, or an injury. Your dentist can check the symptoms and offer a treatment to address the likely causes.

You have chronic bad breath

Bad breath is often an embarrassing concern, but if it persists for days, you need to see a dentist. It could be a symptom of decay or gum disease, and in some cases, bad breath (also known medically as halitosis) could be a sign of active infection. Chronic bad breath requires more attention beyond the traditional mouthwashes.

You have loose teeth

If you have advanced gum disease, you may notice that your teeth are shifting or feel loose. The good news is most issues concerning gums can be reversed with early intervention. Your dentist will focus on treatments that will help preserve your natural teeth.

You are pregnant

It is common for pregnant women to experience gingivitis and other dental issues, primarily because of hormonal changes. If you are expecting, it is best to see a dentist more often or as recommended during the entire pregnancy. You can schedule your first appointment for a routine check during your first trimester.

You have lost a cap

Restorative dental appliances need replacement with years of use. If a dental cap has fallen off or when you feel pain in the adjacent teeth supporting a dental bridge, consider seeing a dentist. Your dentist may consider ordering new appliances as necessary.

Consider seeing your dentist every six months, and if you haven’t in a while, that’s reason enough to book an appointment.