5 Ways to gift your partner the perfect wedding ring

Are you all set to surprise your partner with that wedding ring? What have you thought and how do you think to present it? If you are yet to pick a good brand, take a look at the rare and unique Faith wedding rings or something similar. Buying a wedding ring is easier thinking of ways to gift it to your partner.

A wedding ring is like a formal proposal and thus, the way of presenting it has to be special. We have a few tips that will help you woo your partner like never before. You can mix your creativity in these thoughts too and look how it goes.

5 Tips to present your partner the perfect wedding ring:

  1. Hide and seek:

Play hide and seek with your partner. It is one of the best ways to surprise them as soon as they find you. Your partner mustn’t have expected to find you with a ring in your hand waiting to propose to him/her.

  1. Scavenger Hunt:

This is another way of surprising your partner with the most memorable moment. A proposal is no fun if you don’t have an exciting way to present it. Home scavengers are the best if know how to keep your partner on toes until he/she finds the wedding ring as a formal proposal.

  1. Choose a private venue:

If you wish to keep it private, choose a nice cozy evening and select a private venue for the proposal. It should look like a date but, not a proposal. However, hint your partner to dress up formal as you would like to take him/her for a nice candlelight dinner. Of course, you can arrange some music in the backend.

  1. Hiding in an empty box:

Arrange a delivery to your partner’s place and gift them an empty box. Hint them that they gift is too small to be seen with naked eyes and hide the ring properly in a box by taping it in the box’s walls. A little effort and struggle for a lavish expensive diamond ring will be all worth.

  1. A stuffed animal:

Buy them a stuffed animal and let the ring be wrapped on the neck of the animal as if it is wearing it. Let them decide who it belongs to in real. If your partner is a sport, they would love this surprise!

Faith wedding rings are one of the best examples for these perfect occasions and ideas.