What Are the Basic Ways of Taking Care of Your Sneakers?

Sneakers are essential and serve you many purposes; besides being a great type of shoes, people also wear them for comfort or fashion. The Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Oreo is a type of sneaker designed by Kanye West in 2016, and its primary color is black.

While many sneakers may look a little banged after several uses, you can clean them so that it retains their original look. If you want your sneaker to look and smell good, you need to clean it at least on the weekends.

Tips to Keep in Mind before Washing Your Sneakers

Some things you need to remember before and during you wash your sneakers are as follows:

  • Remove the laces before washing the sneakers

You can get dirt around the eyelets. So, if you remove the laces before you wash the sneakers, water and detergent will get access to those parts.

  • Wash the laces as well

You can put the sneakers’ laces in a small washing bag and launder them with the sneakers.

  • Make arrangements for badly soiled sneakers.

Mud and dirt in your sneakers are protein stains, so they should be treated using an enzymatic stain remover.

  • Use cold water but do not use any detergents.

Sometimes you might feel like using more detergent on your Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Oreo sneaker as the shoes are extra dirty. But you must avoid using more detergents as the residue of detergents might create a poor appearance.

  • Air-drying sneakers

You must flip the tongue over the toe box to better air circulation through the shoe’s interior as it dries. After this, you can stuff the toe box with a washcloth so that it can absorb the moisture.

  • Contemplate the fabrics on the sneaker

To take care of your sneakers, you need to consider the fabrics present in your sneakers’ design. For example, there are specific sneakers with a cotton upper mesh for which you need to consider the bristle while cleaning.

  • The appropriate shoe cleaner

If you have the proper shoe cleaner to clean your sneakers, you will have those shoes looking their best even after several years of use. Feel free to use various cleaners in the market to wash different types of sneakers; you can choose one that can suit your needs.

The cleaners that you use can help maintain the rich fabric of your sneakers. You need to wash your sneakers with a soft brush, water, and a cleaning solution. Then, you can scrub the sneaker with the cleaner and wipe it clean afterward.

Final Words

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