How To Plan A Funeral: A Step-By-Step Guide

Losing a loved one is a difficult and emotional time for everyone involved. As you grieve, planning a funeral may be the last thing on your mind. However, it is important to give your loved one a proper farewell and honour their memory.

In this step-by-step guide, Rowley Funerals will walk you through the process of planning a funeral in Auckland.


Before beginning to plan a funeral, it is important to gather some essential information. This includes the deceased’s full name and date of birth, as well as any details regarding their wishes for their funeral. You should also consider your budget and determine who will be responsible for handling the arrangements.

Choosing A Funeral Home

The first step in planning a funeral is to choose a funeral home. There are a number of options in Auckland such as Rowley Funerals, so it is important to research and compare services, pricing, and reputation.

Some key factors to consider when choosing a funeral home include:

  • Location: It is recommended to select a funeral home that is conveniently located for family and friends attending the service. 
  • Services Offered: Different funeral homes may offer different services, so it is important to select one that meets your needs and budget.
  • Reputation: Reading reviews and asking for recommendations from friends and family can help you choose a reputable funeral home.

Making Arrangements

Once you have selected a funeral home, it is time to begin making arrangements for the service. This usually involves meeting with a funeral director who will guide you through the process.

Some of the arrangements to be made may include:

  • Choosing a casket or urn
  • Choosing photographs or footage of your loved one for a slideshow
  • Deciding on burial or cremation
  • Selecting flowers, music, and readings for the service
  • Organising transportation for the deceased and mourners

It is important to take your time during this process and make decisions that honour your loved one’s wishes.

Funeral Service

The funeral service is a time for family and friends to come together and pay their respects to the deceased. It can be held at a church, chapel or any other location of your choosing.

Some things to consider when planning the funeral service include:

  • Date And Time: Choose a date and time that works best for the majority of mourners.
  • Officiant: Decide who will lead the service, whether it be a religious leader or a family member/friend.
  • Order Of Service: This may include music, readings, eulogies and any other special requests from the deceased.

Burial Or Cremation

The next step in planning the funeral is deciding on whether the deceased will be buried or cremated. If they have not expressed their wishes, this decision is usually left to the family.

Some things to consider when choosing between burial and cremation include:

  • Personal beliefs and preferences of the deceased
  • Cost: Cremation is typically a more affordable option compared to burial.
  • Location: If the deceased has a family plot or preferred burial location, this may influence your decision.

After The Funeral

After the funeral service, there are a few important tasks to take care of. These include:

  • Notifying Government Agencies: This includes informing the Social Security Administration, cancelling their mail, and cancelling any benefits or services that were in the deceased’s name.
  • Finalising Finances: If the deceased had any outstanding bills or debts, it is important to take care of these.
  • Honouring Their Memory: Consider ways to keep their memory alive, such as creating a memorial or donating to a cause they were passionate about.

Planning a funeral can be overwhelming during an already difficult time. However, by following this step-by-step guide, you can ensure that your loved one receives a meaningful farewell. Remember to take your time, consider their wishes, and seek support if needed. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. If you need assistance in planning a funeral in Auckland, reach out to Rowley Funerals today.