How keeping positive health affirmations have been helping us in this pandemic

When we go through a situation like the pandemic caused by the new corona virus (COVID-19), it is common to have negative thoughts. Fear and anxiety, and doubt about what is to come next are the biggest enemies. Therefore, it is important to know the power of positive health affirmations for the good of mental health. The human being mentally leans towards negativity. However, the more harmful the thought, the worse you feel and the more thoughts arise, affecting your emotions, behaviors and beliefs. Thus, shifting thinking to positive affirmations has the potential to help us deviate from negative patterns and create a positive shift in mood, mindset, and energy.

How to work the affirmation

It is important to understand that defining positivity does not mean you have to “fake” something you are not. With that, if your affirmation is far from the reality you are facing, you will have a significant disconnect in practice. Start with a five to 10 minute meditation. Clear your mind and ask yourself what matters most to your heart. In this way, you are approaching your affirmation from the belief of your conscience. Here are some examples of positive affirmations that can help you get through this period of isolation and uncertainty –

  • I understand that nothing is permanent, and I am centered and balanced.
  • I can choose how to respond to what is around me.
  • Feelings of loneliness are valid and I know I feel love for others.
  • I am strong, resilient and capable.
  • The sadness I feel is an expression of love and loss. I am sad, but I am fine.

One important rule

Just like your exercise routine, you should practice affirmations. In addition, it is possible to exercise it in different ways, such as whispering silently in the mind, speaking aloud, recording in a journal or even typing. You can also place reminders in places you will see throughout the day, or incorporate the affirmation into your daily yoga practice. Do not try to take on too many affirmations at once, as this ends up distracting.

“I” is the most powerful start

In order for these good vibes and positive thoughts to prevail and be with you throughout the year, you will have to repeat the positive vibes every day to attract energy that is more positive and be happy. It is no use thinking positively once or vibrating a desire occasionally. That way you will not have the effect to attract what you want. If you want something in your life, you need to put more energy into what you want. Our mind is a powerful magnet. For affirmations to come true you must believe them out of emotion, use them in the present tense and use I AM. ‘I am’ is a creative force unlike any other. You are simply decreeing, through an affirmation, that you are happy and your life will be very happy in 2022. Do you want to try it?


Desiring something is using the power of the mind, the magnet, every day to create the path to get where you want or attract your dreams and goals. Our suggestion is to create the habit every day, and, at a specific time, meditate and vibrate positively for your life to be happier, prosperous and attract your dreams. You must read, think or write what you want to attract or have in your life every day.  You can make decrees or affirmations to attract happiness. When you begin to embody these affirmations and believe them, you will begin to attract what you desire.