How Can You Properly Store Your Partial Dentures for a Much Longer Time?

As you must be knowing, dentures are normally used for replacing missing teeth or tissues.  You need to consider them as your artificial or false teeth that can always be removed whenever you like. Your dentures can be easily taken in or out of the mouth any time you want.

Usually, they are considered as a lifesaver for your teeth and can often be recommended by your dentist. However, storing your dentures for the long term can always be a big issue if you are not aware of how you must do that properly. Therefore, in this article, we will try to dwell on this topic.

Any partial denture Cypress TX, according to a dental expert is either fixed or removable regardless of whatever type of partial denture is used. The materials and also the function of any partial denture are quite similar to any full dentures.

Since regular use of your partial denture is essential for maintaining the fit and also tooth alignment, hence many people prefer to store any partial denture on long-term as typically they want to have a certain backup for any emergency use.

For storing the partial denture for the long term, it is essential that you need to prepare your partial denture properly and then store it in a certain appropriate environment.

Why it is important to take proper denture care?

Dentures will be made to fit in your mouth comfortably, and normally they must last for several years provided that you will take proper care. All these dental devices may include your full dentures, which will replace your entire teeth rows, and partial dentures can replace several teeth.

After you receive the denture from your dentist, you must also receive full detailed instructions from him on how you must wear, clean, and store them overnight. As per the ADA (American Dental Association), proper denture storage can prevent your dentures from getting dried out, becoming stiff, losing their shape, or being uncomfortable to wear.

What is more, your dentures must also be stored and cleaned hygienically, otherwise, they can turn into a breeding ground for certain mouth bacteria and can develop plaque/tartar almost in a similar way to your natural teeth.

How can you store your dentures long-term?

One of the widely recognized ways of long-term storing dentures is to just remove them during the nights when you will sleep. Hence, how should you store your dentures overnight?

So, whenever you decide to remove your dentures near me from your teeth during the night, you will offer relief to the oral tissues. Since the artificial teeth remain always inside your mouth and therefore they tend to remain moist. So, you must be very careful while storing them overnight.

A few do’s and don’ts while storing your denture

Storing your partial dentures Cypress TX correctly can prolong their life and also help to maintain them clean, and comfortable for use.


  • Always keep your dentures moist.
  • Always follow all the instructions given on the label while using denture cleanser solution.
  • Before you put them in your mouth, you must rinse the dentures well with clean water.
  • Always keep it in a safe place so that it may not break.
  • Report to your dentist in case the dentures are not comfortably fit in your mouth.
  • Always follow the instructions for denture storage as given by your dentist.


  • Avoid leaving them anywhere overnight. Instead, after removing brush those to remove any plaque/debris, and keep them either in clean water or any denture cleanser solution.
  • Avoid keeping your dentures in hot water.
  • Avoid using abrasive toothpaste or any hard brushes.
  • Avoid using any whitening products on your dentures because these may cause damage.

It may require just a few minutes of yours to properly clean and store the dentures every night to ensure that you will have fresh, clean, and comfortable dentures available to wear the next day.

Also, storing your dentures in a correct manner means that you will prolong their life. Always follow the instructions of your dentist on denture storage. If in doubt then always ask for advice.

Why should you keep the dentures in water?

As you know, dentures always tend to be moist as mostly they are in your mouth during most parts of the day. So, you should not allow them to get dried out. When your false teeth do not remain moist, they may not be eventually good for the teeth. Such dentures may not perfectly fit your teeth and will cause a big problem.

Any ill-fitting dentures will lead to certain oral problems. So, water will be the best liquid for keeping your dentures during the night. Water will keep the spare dentures wet and not allow them to dry out. However, ensure that you must store the dentures in normal water and not in hot or boiling water, and also not in too cold water.

There are many dental cleaning solutions also available for storing your dentures overnight. However, remember, if you choose to keep the dentures overnight in such type of dental cleaning solution, then completely rinse them off before wearing them again.