Hitten by a delivery truck? 5 steps to do!

Delivery trucks are important in New York City; however, they contribute to significant risk factors. This can cause multiple severe physical injuries and financial damages. If you’re hit by a delivery truck, you must know what to do next. Read this article to know what to do next! Click here to know more! 

5 Steps To Take After Being Hit By A Delivery Truck 

1. Get medically checked 

After the truck accident, chances are high that you may experience severe physical injuries. In such a situation, visit your nearby health expert and get yourself medically checked. Even if there are no visible injuries, you must seek medical attention to ensure no symptoms, pain, or discomfort. 

2. File a police report 

Once you’re physically fit, you must file a police report immediately. The police officers will visit the crash scene and evaluate the entire space in no time. They will also record your statements; therefore, do not give false statements as it may work against you. 

3. Gather evidences 

The next step after filing a police report is gathering evidence. For this, you may also hire a personal injury lawyer, as they are expert professionals who take photos and videos of your injuries and the crash scene. Other evidence includes videos of the vehicle, medical reports, police reports, and eyewitness statements. 

4. Contact your insurance provider 

After the accident, the insurance provider may find excuses to give the claim. However, connecting with your insurance provider and asking for a fair claim is vital. Do not accept the first compensation offered by them. 

5. Hire an attorney 

Once you’re hit by a delivery truck, you must hire a personal injury attorney, as they will conduct complete research about the case. They collect evidence and negotiate with the insurance provider for fair compensation. Your attorney will also ask for medical bills, police reports, and other details about the accident. 

Wrapping Up 

Meeting a truck accident is an overwhelming experience that can cause various physical injuries. Understanding what to do next is a complicated task; therefore, you can follow these five steps and seek fair compensation.