Get To Know The Tremendous Features Of Smart Blinds

You might have heard it before about smart TVs, smart cars, and smartphones, but have you heard about smart window coverings? Well, it sounds something very different. If you are not familiar with what smart blinds are, then continue reading this blog to know about them along with their tremendous features and benefits. So, let’s get started;

A Little Introduction To Smart Blinds

Smart blinds are equipped with in-built motors that let you control them via voice command or a touch button. These are also referred to as smart shades, automatic blinds, or automated blinds.

In some smart blinds, light sensors are incorporated so that you can schedule them based on the amount of sunlight entering inside.

Some smart blinds are integrated with Google Assistant or virtual assistants such as Alexa, while others include smart home systems like Nest, and Apple HomeKit so that you can easily operate them with a single voice command.

What Features Can Smart Blinds Offer?

Even though smart blinds can benefit you in several ways, the following features are so common that you’ll find them in all types.

  • Remote Control

Now there’s no need to input your manual effort for controlling your window coverings. Smart blinds can let you do so very easily through a mobile application or remote control. You can open and close these blinds while sitting or lying in your place. Mostly, remote controls allow you to set scheduled timings so that your blinds will automatically open and close.

  • Built-in Motor

You can activate the built-in motor via an app, remote control, or a voice command. All of them do the actual physical work of operating the blinds.

  • Built-In Light Sensor

As we have discussed earlier many smart blinds are integrated with light sensors. This will automatically open and close the window coverings based on the amount of natural light. You might be wondering how it can be possible. These sensors can actually detect the sunset and sunrise timings. Wow!

  • Virtual Assistant Integration

Don’t you have kids in your house to impose your orders? Don’t worry; you can fulfill your desires with smart blinds equipped with virtual assistant integration. Your voice command can do what you want.

Why You Should Consider Smart Blinds System?

Well, we’ve discussed so many reasons to choose smart blinds for your home but, more specifically, there is also another good reason to consider these blinds.

  • Cost saving & Energy Saving

Even though smart blinds cost you more, they could be beneficial in the long run.  You can save your electricity bills by scheduling them to open and close according to the natural light. Also, the brightness of the smart light bulbs can be adjusted based on the natural light coming inside.

  • Easy to Access

Fed up with controlling your window coverings by standing up on a ladder or couch? Well, it’s not a big issue. Just send a voice command through a virtual assistant and control your smart blinds the way you want!