Full Arch Restorations with Subperiosteal Implants in Dexter: A Lifelike Smile Awaits

Dexter locals are aware of the value of a beautiful smile in terms of both appearance and self-confidence. Full-arch restorations with subperiosteal Dexter dental Implants provide a novel treatment option for people who have lost several teeth. We will discuss the lifelike and self-assured smiles that full-arch restorations on subperiosteal implants may give Dexter residents in this educational blog article.

Supraperiosteal Implants

A special type of dental implant called a subperiosteal implant is intended to treat situations where there is not enough bone volume or density to support conventional endosteal implants. Subperiosteal implants are positioned below the gum line but above the jawbone, sitting on top of the periosteum of the bone, in contrast to endosteal implants that are implanted into the jawbone.

The Components of Subperiosteal Implants

Subperiosteal implants comprise several key components:

  1. Metal Framework: The metal framework is specifically designed to fit the patient’s jaw form. It is made of biocompatible materials and is sturdy but lightweight.
  2. Support Posts: Support posts provide anchor points for artificial teeth by extending from the metal framework to the gums.
  3. Artificial teeth: Supports are equipped with custom-made artificial teeth. Both in terms of look and function, these artificial teeth are designed to closely imitate genuine teeth.

Process of Complete Arch Restoration

Subperiosteal implant whole-arch restorations entail the following crucial steps.

  1. Consultation: The procedure starts with a careful consultation with a qualified dentist in Dexter. The dentist evaluates the patient’s oral health, goes through treatment alternatives, and decides whether subperiosteal implants are appropriate during this session.
  2. Implant Design: Following consultation, the dentist works with a dental lab to design a custom-fitted metal framework based on 3D scans or impressions of the patient’s jaw.
  3. Implant Placement: The perfectly positioned metal structure is above the jawbone and below the gum tissue. This minimally invasive approach ensures that the implant is firmly supported by the periosteum of the bone.
  4. Prosthetic Attachment: Following a recovery phase to allow the implant to settle and the gums to heal, prosthetic teeth are affixed to the support posts of the metal framework. These artificial teeth are made specifically to match the patient’s real teeth, giving them a realistic appearance.

Full-arch restorations with subperiosteal implants offer a novel and revolutionary alternative for dexter residents desiring a lifelike and assured smile despite the difficulties of limited bone volume. Consult a skilled dentist at Dexter to learn how subperiosteal implants can improve their smile and general standard of living.