Do you need an architect for your commercial building project? 

Designing a new space takes a lot of guts and patience. You’ve taken the plunge, but it is time to slow down a bit and think about hiring an architect for your commercial project. 

Hold that thought! Maybe you are thinking if it is absolutely needed or not. You have probably spoken to a designer and a contractor, but it isn’t the same without a reputed architect onboard. 

Understanding the Difference Between a Contractor and an Architect 

Don’t be mistaken – a contractor, designer, and architect have different jobs to fulfill. 

They have some overlapping abilities and skills, but their approach is quite different. Here’s what all of them do: 

  1. Contractor/builder: They construct the building and arrange for all the building materials. Their job is to meet the construction timelines. 
  2. Designer: They pick the fixtures, colors, and furnishings. You see them on TV shows too – they’re the ones decorating the space. 
  3. Architect: Well, an architect is an unsung hero in this case. They create the architectural design – the masterplan. These architects set the overall dimension of the rooms and the designer simply finishes them. It takes a lot of skill to be an architect – and also the right qualification. 

Architects are the Unsung Heroes 

Architects make sure your commercial space is structurally sound. The other players are equally important, but the commercial architect sets the base. 

The architect will take the initial step to remodel the building design process. That’s not all! They will take care of the client’s needs and draw the building as per the briefing. 

The Need for a Commercial Architect 

Some of the areas have strict regulations about what you should be doing with a building. A certified architect is needed as they know all the building codes. They will design something that is doable – it won’t go against the laws. 

Architects will work with contractors and designers to meet the client’s needs. However, architects lead and ensure that contractors and designers have some base. 

When you think of building a commercial structure, you can’t just hold a pen and paper and design something out of the blue. 

Architects have a clean slate and they design something as per the client’s requirements. This is just the base but it is the most important step. So, bring an architect onboard and you can also have a contractor and designer at this stage. Commercial architects Stendel Reich can help!