Do You Know How Freezer Spacers Work?

As with the majority of product categories, there are various designs available for freezer spacers. As a result, it might be difficult to accurately compare the actual differences between them and decide which is best for your company.

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Why use a freezer spacer?

Freezer spacers can reduce energy costs and also freezer cycle times by letting cold air quickly circulate within the middle of your stack. The unique finish of the surface of the separator can easily be power-washed, scrubbed, or steamed without losing the effectiveness of freezer spacers.

The importance of a freezer spacer

Freezer spacers are normally used while handling the food to increase the speed of blast freezing. Simply by placing a freezer spacer in between each layer of items placed on a pallet you can reduce the time required for blast freezing by almost 30%.

The space available in between each layer of food lets the cold air to properly circulate through the load much more efficiently. Freezer spacers can also help in reducing water build-up during the thawing or washing phases during food handling.

Due to their easily nestable design, you can save space as well as money! Freezer spacers can be a great alternative to any steel racks as they will use less space, need less manual labour, and also have less cost linked to them.

Also, the spacers can easily be washed for reuse by using a power washer or just simple scrubbing.

How to use freezing spacers?

Fridge spacers are simple to use! As you will pack the items on a pallet, merely add a freezer spacer in between each level of the items. With the spacer present in between each packed layer, additional air can flow through the palletized load, enhancing the speed and effectiveness of the goods’ freezing.

When handling food goods that need to be frozen during the material handling process, freezer spacers become crucial.

Benefits of freezer spacers for pallets?

  1. Ease of cleaning and sanitizing

Plastic freezer spacers can easily be cleaned and sanitized. Just wash or wipe as the plastic surface is smooth. There are no cracks or crevices to form any germs.

  1. Resistance to microorganism growth

Some materials, such as wood can encourage the growth of germs and bacteria. However, most spacers are made of plastic which can resist any growth of such microorganisms.

  1. Reduced disease transmission

Plastic freezer spacers are fantastic tools to have on hand if you are wondering how to prevent the transmission of infections, both within your workplace and from your personnel to your consumers.

Anything that makes the process of freezing things more effective is a significant plus however, it can be a little time-consuming activity. Plastic freezer spacers are one way to freeze items more quickly, easily, and economically.

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