How to design a streamlined, automated hiring process

Businesses in every corner of the world hit the market with some customary intentions. Launching new products, enhancing brand awareness, and expanding reach are some of those obligatory objectives that businesses chase after. However, in the competition to acquire the attention of target consumers, several companies ignore one imperative objective: hiring a skilled workforce to strengthen the business. Endowing in Greenhouse recruitment software should never be a second thought to any business.

Recruitment software streamlines and automates the hiring process by refining the approach. An idealrecruitment software empowers companies to find, screen, and hire a skilled workforce with automation. Further, as per reports, 73% of aspirants are always passive job searchers. In such cases, if you don’t have responsive and automated recruitment software, you will lose the skilled workforce. 

Apart from that, 63% of job aspirants are more likely to reject a job offer if they gain poor candidate recruitment experience. So, that brings you to accomplish a solitary intention, which is enhancing the hiring process. In this editorial, you will capture knowledge about several approaches to enhancing and automating the hiring process.

Designing a better hiring process

Create an inspirational job description 

Job descriptions are like your job advertisements that every potential employee observes. In this tech trend era, the supreme effort you can integrate is creating a compelling job description. Maximize your reach by creating a JD that best attracts aspirants. While drafting your JD, make sure that you are not making it too long. You can rather be crisp and clear about your candidate requirement, with influencing description about the job role that they would be doing. You can always integrate the following in your JDs:

  • Articulate about what you are seeking and what is your expectancy for aspirants?
  • Explain how you are going to reward skilled talents in your firm who accepts your offer
  • You can elucidate about your culture of business and target consumers
  • Make a clearly elaborated list of skills that you demand

In addition, you should always create a uniform experience for job seekers on all platforms. Thus, create one influential JD that you can share on career sites and social media platforms like LinkedIn. Businesses can also obtain free templates of JDs in recruitment software to conceptualize it in a better way.

Adopt pre-screening process

After creating a compelling Job description, companies obtain a response from several candidates interested in the role. But it takes weeks and months to complete the hiring process after getting a response. The report says, on average, 36% of companies take 4-8 weeks to hire staff, and 27% of companies take 8-12 weeks to recruit workforce. These reports are quite jaw-dropping. 

4 weeks can be acceptable, but eight weeks will never aid you in retaining candidates. There are many companies out there using Greenhouse recruitment software to automate communication and the hiring process. You can employ the same. Businesses can also adopt pre-screening in hiring. Although it doesn’t automate the hiring process, it eliminates some time. In pre-screening, you can accomplish the following:

  • Application confirmation
  • CV validation
  • Salary range acceptance
  • Checking the legal requisites
  • Tackling questions from candidates

Pro tip

You should always deploy recruitment software to eliminate all these above steps and automate them.

Optimize the interview process

After shortlisting the candidates, you must start your interview to pick the most suitable workforce. However, the interview also takes a lot of time. Several large firms get applications in abundance. Even after streamlining the process, there are wide lists of candidates to screen. In such cases, you can divide your interview into two parts. It must include a technical interview and a non-technical interview.

The technical interview aims to hire a workforce for a certain technical job role. In a technical interview, you can assess the candidate’s proficiency to work in the position. Similarly, in the non-technical interview, you must assess the candidate’s suitability to align with your company’s values and culture.

What must you do in the technical round of interviews?

  • Identify aspirant’s suitability based on job role
  • Be a little hard on questions
  • Analyze the way they answer technical questions
  • Straight forward questions would accommodate you a better idea of skills
  • You can also ask problem-related questions and assess problem-solving skills

What must you do in a value-oriented interview?

  • Assess candidate’s perception of value
  • Check out what value they have offered to their past organizations
  • Get the answer about how they will follow the values in your company

Ensure faster hiring process with recruitment suites

The last and the only element to save you in this tech-trend era is integrating technology into traditional processes. Times have changed! Mediocre recruitment is no longer in the game, as it takes an ample amount of time. You should also automate your hiring process by integrating recruitment software. It will prevent potential candidates from going away from you and choosing some other firm over you.


Recruitment is an imperative part of the business. Thus, you must put your best efforts into implementing recruitment software. Besides, you must also design your hiring process that is candidate-friendly. Now that you know all tips, you can adopt them in your staffing.