Have You Been Involved in a Motorcycle Accident? You Deserve to Be Compensated. Hire a Florida Motorcycle Attorney Right Away!

Have you recently been involved in a motorcycle accident in the State of Florida?. Just like car accidents, motorcycle crashes are very recurrent in our day to day. Did you know that there are over 590,000 registered motorcycles in our state? Due to the vast amount of vehicles circulating the streets, the likelihood of suffering one of these incidents can turn out to be quite high.

Motorcycle accidents are one of the most catastrophic road traffic crashes. Why? Well, these vehicles are known to be highly unstable and not as visible to other drivers. In addition, a motorcycle with a 60cc engine can surpass 150 mph in driving speed. For these reasons, the consequences of a motorcycle collision can truly be disastrous.

It is well known that motorcycle crashes can lead to severe injuries. Some examples of such injuries are known to be traumatic brain injuries (TBI), spinal cord damage, bone fractures, loss of limbs, and even death. All of these injuries will force victims to stay in a hospital bed and will require extensive recovery periods. Afterwards, accident victims will have to pay their medical bills if they do not have a qualified insurer.

If you can relate to any of these situations, we can only begin to imagine the pain and anguish that you are suffering right now. To proceed, you must accept that you are a victim of negligence if somebody else crashed into you. Motorcycle crashes also fall under the category of personal injury accidents meaning that these cases must be settled by proving negligence. Once the at-fault parties have been identified, they must compensate their victims.

However, settling these cases is not easy at all. Usually, the other party and their insurer will intend to deny fault in hopes of saving a quick buck. Be that as it may, personal injury victims must also file a claim that details what exactly happened in the accident. Therefore, pursuing monetary compensation without the assistance of a legal professional can become extremely complex.

Having said that, we urge you to seek the expertise of a Florida motorcycle attorney. These trained legal experts will prove negligence and defend your rights while working to deliver you the compensation you so desperately deserve. So, please continue to join us as we discuss the legal framework of motorcycle accidents in Florida and the benefits of hiring an injury lawyer for your case.

The Legal Basics of Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

 As we mentioned before, motorcycle drivers are more exposed to dangers than car drivers because these smaller vehicles do not have a substantial protective barrier.

If there is a crash, it means that the at-fault drivers failed to responsibly operate their vehicles to avoid injuring other motorists, passengers, or pedestrians. Some instances of reckless endangerment are labeled as speeding, running red lights, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In personal injury claims, accident victims must prove at least one of the following elements in hopes of receiving compensation for their damages:

  • The law required the sued party to be reasonably careful. In other words, motor vehicle drivers must exercise care to their fellow drivers.
  • The alleged at-fault party was not driving responsibly.
  • The victim sustained injuries or suffered losses. If motorcyclists are not able to prove that the accident caused any kind of damage to them, they cannot receive compensation.

Florida Statutes Concerning Motorcycle Accidents

In order to prevent motorcycle accidents or lessen the consequences of the crash, the State of Florida has imposed the following laws:

  • No one can ride or drive a motorcycle unless they are properly wearing protective helmets.
  • Individuals may not drive a motorcycle unless they are wearing an eye-protective device.
  • Any individual who wishes to operate a motorcycle with an engine over 50cc, must possess a motorcycle endorsement on their driver license or a “motorcycle only” license.
  • Whether people drive an average car, motorcycle, or truck, all drivers must follow the state’s speed limits. Let’s have a closer look at these mandates:
  1. 70 mph on interstate roadways,
  1. 65 mph on four-lane divided highways outside an urban area.
  1. 60 mph on most state highways.

The Advantages of Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

As we mentioned before, motorcycle accident injuries could force victims to undergo invasive medical treatments. Therefore, a Florida motorcycle accident attorney has the ability of directing you towards the best medical professionals in the state.

When filing an injury claim, you may have a hard time understanding laws and legal verbiage. However, an injury lawyer can help you understand this specialized language and make sure your claim complies with every state law.

Motorcycle accidents can leave people very confused causing injury victims to be unaware of the necessary steps to take next. That is why Florida motorcycle accident attorneys can offer you a free consultation. During this session, you can ask them any questions you have concerning your potential case.

As we mentioned before, insurance companies usually offer incorrect amounts of compensation to accident victims. In the vast majority of cases, individuals are not aware of the true value of their claims. Rest assured that these accident lawyers can negotiate with these firms and make sure that you are correctly compensated.

Achieving Compensation Is Just a Phone Call Away! 

This article was brought to you by the best law firm in the sunshine state. You have learned the legal standards of motorcycle accidents and the benefits of seeking legal counsel. So, call a Florida motorcycle attorney right now! Compensation is just a call away, stop waiting and take action