Attention lazy trainers – Buy pokemon go account, let others do work

The main reason trainers consider buying a Pokémon Go account is to save time. Leveling up an account and acquiring a powerful collection of Pokémon takes months or even years for casual players. By purchasing an established account, you jump straight into high-level raids, gym battles, and other endgame content without the long grind. This instant gratification is especially appealing for busy people who want to experience all the game has to offer but can’t devote hours each day to playing.

The next potential benefit is access to rare or regional-exclusive Pokémon that would be difficult or impossible to obtain otherwise. The pokemon go accounts for sale often have impressive Pokédexes with hard-to-find monsters from events or distant locations. For collectors looking to fill out their Pokédex, this could be an enticing shortcut. There’s also an economic incentive, as some view high-level accounts as an investment opportunity. Established accounts with strong Pokémon and items sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Like with any commodity, there’s potential to buy an account and later resell it for a profit.

How to buy a pokemon go account?

If you understand the risks but still want to purchase an account, there are some important steps and precautions:

  • When acquiring goods, opt for reputable sellers with a track record of excellence. Check their seller ratings and reviews.
  • Make sure you receive a new or reset login email and password. The account should be fully transferred to you. You don’t want the seller to retain any access.
  • Check that the account information matches what was advertised. Verify the level, Pokémon, items, etc. If anything is missing or incorrect, contact the seller immediately.
  • Change all security information like recovery email and password as soon as you receive the account.
  • Be discreet with the purchased account. Don’t publicly announce it or do anything to draw extra scrutiny from Niantic or other players who may report it.

Alternatives to buying accounts

For trainers who want to power up fast without resorting to sketchy account purchases, there are some legitimate options to accelerate progress:

  1. Participate in all special events, especially double XP and stardust events. These are prime opportunities to level up quickly.
  2. Add friends and exchange gifts to earn XP bonuses and level up the friendship meter. Coordinating lucky eggs with Ultra or best friends can net huge XP gains.
  3. Focus on catching and evolving new Pokémon rather than repeating ones. The first catch bonus and new evolve bonuses give extra XP.
  4. Battle in raids, especially legendary and mega raids, for big XP drops. Raid hours are a great time to hit a string of raids in a short period.
  5. Use lucky eggs strategically when doing a lot of evolutions, raids, or friend interactions to double the XP gains. Try to queue up several actions to get the most from the limited-time boost.
  6. Stock up on incubators and hatch a lot of eggs. The XP and stardust from hatches add up fast and also help with the medal for egg hatching.
  7. Drop star pieces when catching a lot of Pokémon or redeeming research rewards for bonus stardust. More stardust means more resources for powering up Pokémon.
  8. Take advantage of weather boosts to find higher-level wild Pokémon. Look for in-game weather that matches the type you’re hunting.

High-level accounts grant access to exclusive and powerful Pokémon that take even dedicated players years to obtain.