Accounting 101: Find what CPAs can do for businesses

As a small business owner, you are probably wondering whether the bookkeeping working for the company is enough to handle all accounting needs. The answer is obvious. At some point, you have to consider hiring a Certified Public Accountant called a CPA. In fact, a CPA should be a part of your small business core team from the time of the launch. These professionals do a lot more than just managing records. If you are hiring an accountant in Lake Mary, FL, for your company, here’s how they can help your company.

CPAs can help with essential tasks

Once you engage a CPA, they will take care of many things that are essential to the accounting & tax preparation process, including –

  1. Creating financial statements periodically as needed
  2. Ensuring that accounts are tallied
  3. Checking balance sheets and profit statements for possible discrepancies
  4. Advising on KPIs (key performance indicators)
  5. Guiding on strategic tax planning
  6. Helping with audits and conducting internal audits
  7. Aiding through the entire preparation process

CPAs can help make business decisions

Because your CPA knows everything about your finances, profits, growth rate, and KPIs, they can be an extremely reliable resource for making key decisions. Your CPA will also gather data from financial statements and help analyze the same so that you can act accordingly. Without a knowledgeable team of accounting experts, you have numbers on spreadsheets, which doesn’t mean much.

CPAs can guide with regulatory compliance

Businesses operate in a strict regulatory framework, and these rules and compliance requirements vary for different entities and sectors. Since requirements change every now and then, it can be hard to keep a tab on everything. When you have a CPA on board, they know what it takes to adhere to regulatory compliance. They can also help get permits and licenses as your business grows further.

CPAs can offer consulting services

Is the merger right for your company? Should your business acquire a competitor who has made an offer? What can you possibly do to reduce your taxes this year? How should you respond to the letters that concern your taxes and accounts? Your CPA can double as a consultant and offer the insights that you need for your firm. You can rely on their extended teams to resolve key issues and come up with unbiased and timely solutions.

Call a CPA firm now to understand more about their expertise and work profiles before you get them to do your company’s work.