When and Why Dental Extractions are Necessary

Preventing something is easier than curing. Especially when it comes to your teeth, it is very true. But sometimes, despite all efforts, a dental extraction might be necessary. A dentist in Northwest Albuquerque can also help with dental extraction. Worried about your dental problems? We’re here to talk about why and when dental extractions become a part of your oral health journey.

The What and Why of Dental Extractions

Your teeth can be perfectly fine, but a problem in a single tooth may lead to problems for you. Dental extractions are exactly for the purpose of solving it. It can help in removing the tooth from its socket without any issues. Now, you might wonder why we’d do that. Well, let’s dive into the reasons.

Crowding Issues 

Sometimes, your mouth is just too small to accommodate all the teeth comfortably. This can lead to crowding, making it tough for your teeth to align properly. If that’s the case, removing a tooth can create room and help your smile get back in line.

Tooth Damage

Imagine you have a tooth that’s been damaged by trauma or severe decay. If the damage is beyond repair and it’s causing you pain or other issues, it might be best to bid farewell to that tooth. Remember, it’s all about keeping the rest of your mouth healthy.

Gum Disease

Your teeth need a good foundation to stay strong, and that’s where your gums come in. But if gum disease has taken over and your tooth is hanging on for dear life, extracting it could be a way to prevent the disease from spreading further.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can be very troubling for some people. These latecomers sometimes don’t have enough space to come out properly, leading to pain and potential problems for neighboring teeth. 

Infections and Risk of Infection

If you have an infection that antibiotics can’t kick out of your tooth, a dental extraction might be on the horizon. Also, if your immune system is weak and there’s a risk of infection spreading, pulling the tooth might save the day.

Preparation for Orthodontic Treatment

Braces or aligners can work wonders, but they need space to do their work. In cases where there’s too little space, an extraction might be part of the plan to create the ideal smile.


So, now that you know the reasons why you may need dental, you can decide when to get it. However, make sure to first get a proper dental check and then decide with your dentist what’s best for you.