Wear Pink in a More Mature Way without Looking Too Girly

Many sophisticated women wear pink, but many have left it behind with tutus and Barbies long ago. However, many beauty and fashion experts believe it is a big mistake. If you select the right item, correct shade and then pull it all together with the perfect attitude, pink will become a significant ingredient in making you look good.

People always associate the colour pink with girls. The colour blue represents boys, and pink represents girls and this is a common belief. However, with the change in people’s mindsets and the obscuring of gender lines on the fashion front, pink are not for a specific gender. The colour has become a universal colour.

However, the association of pink with dolls, its history and other aspects defining it as a girly colour has become a reason for many women to steer away from wearing a pink blouse. Ella Hopfeldt thinks that a pink shirt is not about everything likeable or sugar and spice. The pink shirt brings sharpness, power, and glory and looks pretty. Ella Hopfeldt believes pink is the symbol of the new age, where acknowledging weakness is strength, attributes of feminity are turning into power and compassion and tenderness will become the driving force for the change.

You fear that wearing pink will make you look too barbie-esque. You should not feel this way. Here are a few tips to help you wear pink that will not make you look like a doll or too girly.

Picking the correct shade

Many colours have different shades. Pink is also one among them. You have a variety of shades to make your choice. If a vibrant shade like hot pink or magenta is not your thing, do not worry and opt for a more muted tone such as –

  • Azalea
  • Peach
  • Blush

Figure out which shade makes you more comfortable and suits you perfectly and work with it.

Adding bold but right print

Adding a bold pattern and print to any colour takes away the focus from the background colour. However, it is one of the eminent ways of wearing pink for people who do not feel comfortable wearing a solid pink top. However, be careful when choosing printed pink dresses or tops because it is easy for you to look childish or turn into bubblegum if something goes awry.

For instance, if you go for a pink with white polka dots, it will make you look too dolled up. In that case, pick more mature prints in darker shades, such as an abstract one or a deep floral pattern. You can also opt for other ways such as –

  • Opt for the androgyny way
  • Add a badass leather accent to your pink
  • Be a boss- lady with the posh and polished pink pantsuit
  • Pair it with darker colours

If you still feel confident wearing pink, you can use pink lipstick to brighten your smile. Accessorize yourself with the colour. A pink coat can add an instant style to your outfit. You can choose a paler shade of pink to add elegance to your look. Most importantly, pay attention to the fit when wearing a pink outfit.