Vacuum Pumps: An informative Read

If you are wondering what vacuum pumps basically are, these are devices that remove molecules from a sealed volume for the sake of creating a partial vacuum. 

When particles, such as air particles, other molecules, dust, etc., are removed from a space, it creates a difference in the outside pressure and the inside pressure of that space. There is more pressure outside as compared to the outside of that space, creating a partial vacuum. 

How Does a Vacuum Pump Work?

You may already know that space is filled with molecules and other particles. A vacuum is a space that is free from any gaseous or other particles. In other words, we can say that a vacuum is a space where gaseous pressure is negligible. 

In order to create a vacuum, you have to suck out as much of that space’s matter as you possibly can. That’s what vacuum pumps are for. You can create this vacuum either mechanically or chemically. 

The vacuum created can help you control the flow of gaseous particles, as we know that matter flows from high-pressure areas to low-pressure areas. That’s also exactly what vacuum pumps do. 

They suck out particles from one region, shift them to another, and thereby create a vacuum in the space from which molecules are removed. 

Choosing the Right Vacuum Pump

The amount of molecules you can remove from a space and how fast you can do it depends upon many things. 

You have to consider the pressure of the vacuum pumps. Usually, they come in various pressure ranges, from low to extremely high. 

You can choose a pressure range somewhere between 1000 mbar to 7.5-11 mbar. So, you have basically three types of vacuum pumps to choose from in this regard:

  1. Primary Vacuum Pumps
  2. Booster Vacuum Pumps
  3. Secondary Vacuum Pumps 

Additionally, you can either go for wet or dry vacuum pumps. Some vacuum pumps use oil, others use water, and many don’t use any fluid. At LeDAB Canada you can buy vacuum pumps of all sizes, types, and efficiencies at very fair prices. You can also buy high-quality vacuum pump parts at LeDab. 


These vacuums are then used for various technical purposes. Sometimes the removal of particles itself is the job. So the type of vacuum pump that may work best for you depends on your needs. That’s why you have to get the size, speed, vacuuming capacities, and all other parameters correctly in order to ensure maximum efficiency. 

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