How to Maintain Professional Whitening Results?

Even if you cleanse your teeth twice per day, tooth discoloration is inevitable. Teeth alter in appearance over time due to aging, diet, beverages, medications, smoking, and other lifestyle decisions. Teeth whitening is the most effective method for improving your appearance. Dedham cosmetic dental services professional teeth whitening is secure and more efficient than OTC remedies at home.  

  • Avoid Foods That Stain Teeth 

Foods and beverages that stain teeth may rapidly destroy the effects of a teeth-whitening treatment. Avoiding or restricting the consumption of staining substances may extend your whitening effects. Tea, coffee, and red wine are staining agents. 

If you are unable to avoid the beverages, using a straw to drink can reduce tooth contact. Foods that can discolor your teeth include blueberries, soy sauce, tomato-based sauces, and confectionery. Immediately brushing your teeth after intake can be beneficial. 

  • Good Oral Hygiene Practices

Maintaining good oral hygiene will allow you to experience a white and bright smile for longer. To achieve the best results, clean your teeth after each meal and after ingesting tea, coffee, and other drinks. 

Utilize a toothbrush with a soft bristle and whitening toothpaste. If you are unable to brush after every meal or nibble, use mouthwash to remove food particles. Ensure you brush twice a day and floss daily to eliminate bacteria that cause stains.

  • Do not smoke or chew tobacco.

Smoking and ingesting tobacco are hazardous to your oral health in addition to your physical health. The effects of using and smoking tobacco-related products can result in permanent discoloration of the teeth. It is one of the worst behaviors for oral health and aesthetics. Years of smoking can cause yellow or discolored teeth. Professional whitening will have little impact if you smoke, as you can reverse the effects within days.  

  • Every day, consume copious amounts of water.

 Water consumption throughout the day helps keep you hydrated and removes bacteria and food particulates. Drinking water can assist in preventing the accumulation of stains on the teeth. After consuming coffee or wine, consume a glass of water promptly. It will lessen the influence of staining substances on the teeth. It will help preserve your teeth-whitening results. 

  • Schedule routine dental examinations.

Regular dental cleanings can help maintain the cleanliness and health of your teeth. Professional teeth cleaning will prolong the whiteness of your teeth. Dentists have the knowledge and tools for eliminating all plaque and tartar that accumulates over time. Additionally, the dentist will check for symptoms of tooth or gum disease, which can affect the aesthetics of the teeth.