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Shop for student deals at the Microsoft Store UAE Official Site. Free returns on all orders, every day. Dec 14,  · For the reason why we recommend Office rather than Office , I assume Smittychat and Rohn have replied it. For the Office version you mentioned about free student subscriptions, as far as I known, there’s only 1 plan for students and faculties for free, that is A1 plan. Office plans are available as a monthly or annual subscription. With Office , upgrades are always included with your subscription. Office suites, including Office Home & Student and Home & Business, include applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote; they are available as a one-time purchase for use on a single PC or Mac.


Student deals – Microsoft Store UAE Official Site.貸しギャラリー、貸し教室、フォトスタジオの提供。MAG南森町アートギャラリー


In partnership with Aruba, LGP carve out secure connectivity for tech start-up tenants, business guests and the public. 毎回多くのネットワークエンジニアの皆さまにご参加いただいているAirheadsアカデミー。 今回、Arubaの製品・ソリューションをより理解いただくべく、パワーアップしました! ぜひ弊社のエンジニアの顔も覚えていただき、有意義な時間にできればと考えております。. Aruba is proud to offer a comprehensive grant support program. This value-added Aruba Grant and Funding Team will connect you to resources and opportunities that align with your needs and help support the goals of your organization.

com Field delivers frictionless fan experience with facial recognition and other AI-enabled experiences using Aruba ESP. This video describes Aruba Central, its key functions, and the value it delivers to our customers.

This video shows examples of how Aruba Central simplifies network management for IT professionals. Aruba Series Wi-Fi 6E Campus Access Points Ordering Guide defines the model SKUs and compatible hardware accessories. The solution overview helps Oil and Gas sector build predictable and secure network infrastructure with Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN. Leading digital and interactive destination modernizes services to This e-book helps K institutions stay ahead of industry challenges and deliver the best learning experience using Aruba ESP solution.

Aruba Central is the 1st and only cloud-based networking solution to achieve this important security milestone as the Federal Gov. Network excellence enables hotel to streamline operational efficiency and drive service innovation. Increase operational efficiency in the professional services sector with a modern and flexible network. Enterprise momentum behind digital transformation and the continued rise of cloud-hosted applications challenge the effectiveness and need for a traditional router-centric WAN architecture.

Healthcare group accelerates its digital transformation, unifying its network across three hospitals. The solution overview helps state and local governments build predictable and secure network infrastructure with Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN.

Cloudvue’s smart edge cameras with on-camera and cloud storage options enable customers to use their investment in Aruba to address loss prevention and analytics use cases. The solution overview helps manufacturing and industrial sector accelerate digital transformation with non-stop data access secured by ZTNA and SASE. Centrally-managed high performance network delivers home-from-home experience for Oxford students.

Achieve full spectrum visibility of network-connected devices with risk scoring and machine-learning to identify unknown devices and reduce time-to-identification.

Discover the services Aruba offers that will help you transform your environment to Aruba Edge Services Platform ESP quickly and without disruption. The mission of Federal Government agencies leaves little room for error. Employees and customers depend on stability for the vast number of services delivered. Aruba solutions deliver a reliable and secure network experience. The solution overview helps financial services industry build a predictable and secure network infrastructure with Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN.

The solution overview helps Hospitality industry build a predictable and secure network infrastructure with Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN. The solution overview helps healthcare industry build a predictable and secure network infrastructure with Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN.

Aruba has partnered with Blyott to provide BLE-based asset tracking using Aruba APs without the need for an overlay network. Brad Haas, director of AIOps Product Management at Aruba, explains how AI-powered Client Insights in Aruba Central cloud accurately identifies the IoT and user clients on your network.

And how increased visibility helps deliver the data needed for improved bandwidth planning, policies, and edge security. The solution overview helps retail industry build a predictable and secure network infrastructure with Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN. In this video, get an overview of the main components of Aruba EdgeConnect. Organizations are migrating their applications into multi-cloud environments, so that it is no longer a viable solution to backhaul the internet traffic to the data center.

Learn how Aruba EdgeConnect extends the SD-WAN fabric and can be deployed in one click in any of the four public cloud providers to enable a seamless end-to-end connectivity, while improving application performance and reducing costs. Ransomware is on the rise, particularly targeting IOT devices. In this video, learn how cybersecury threats can be modeled through a kill chain that describes how a threat progresses through several phases. Aruba secure WAN portfolio provides security orchestration in three ways: Aruba EdgeConnect is an advanced SD-WAN solution for enterprise that automates the orchestration to best-of-breed cloud security providers.

Aruba SD-Branch integrates LAN and WAN security orchestration capabilities into a single gateway. Aruba Microbranch protects remote workers, retail stores and other small locations by providing in a simple access point device, SD-WAN capabilities including orchestration and secure internet breakout. IoT devices are poping up everywhere, in the office, in stores, at home but they are difficult to secure as they cannot run agents.

Watch how Aruba helps secure the network from IoT devices with a 5-step approach including Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover. Application performance is critical for the business but workers in branch offices commonly complain that applications are too slow or the transfer to other locations takes too much time.

In this video, we’ll learn how Aruba EdgeConnect improves application performance in the cloud era based on advanced SD-WAN features such as tunnel bonding and dynamic path control, WAN optimization and secure internet breakout. This ebook helps hospitality institutions stay ahead of industry challenges and deliver the best guest and visitor experience using Aruba ESP solution. The document is a white paper that explores how an advanced SD-WAN platform coupled with network security features can address the challenges of financial services though five common use cases.

A selection of innovative businesses from Europe, Middle-East and Africa, who have adopted the Aruba Edge Services Platform ESP , as their network architecture of the future. Leading public research institution takes strategic approach to modernizing experiences by standardizing on Aruba ESP. Discover how IT teams can bring secure enterprise networking to remote workers in home offices, small offices, and temporary locations. Aruba ESP and Aruba Central in the cloud make it possible.

Give your remote workers an office-like experience, with high-performing connectivity, consistent security, and the best user experience. Plus, Aruba EdgeConnect Microbranch, our flexible, cloud-managed solution, extends SD-WAN services and Zero Trust and SASE frameworks to all your employees, while also streamlining IT operations across campus, branch, and remote work environments. This data sheet describes key features, supported standards and specifications for the Aruba CX Switch Series ideal for enterprise branch offices, campuses and SMBs.

Aruba Fabric Composer optimizes data center network fabric provisioning and application performance across virtualized compute and storage environments. This data sheet describes key features, supported standards and specifications for the Aruba CX Switch Series ideal for enterprise branch offices and SMBs. The Aruba CX i Switch Series is a modern family of ruggedized Ethernet switches ideal for connecting IoT, access points, and user devices in harsh environments, allowing you to extend enterprise networks beyond carpeted areas to challenging outdoor and industrial spaces.

This ordering guide provides detailed information on how to order AP hardware, accessories, and other components for the H Series. SD-WAN により、WAN 最適化技術のニーズは低くなる、またはなくなるといった考えはよく見られる誤解です。実際は、SD-WAN と WAN最適化により、さまざまな問題を根本から解決でき、組み合わせて導入することで補完的に機能します。. This eBook helps healthcare institutions stay ahead of industry challenges and deliver the best patient care experience using Aruba ESP solution.

This eBook helps higher education institutions stay ahead of industry challenges and deliver the best student learning experience using Aruba ESP solution. This eBook helps retailers stay ahead of industry challenges and deliver the best retail experience using Aruba ESP solution. A high level overview of the Aruba solutions that help with Cyber Security in the Higher Education vertical. Document outlines zero trust, Dynamic Segmentation and role-based access.

Explore AOS 10 capabilities and benefits in this overview. Popular Gulf Coast destination cost-effectively exceeds mobility expectations for millions of constituents with Aruba ESP. In a recent survey of dozens of federal IT executives, we found a distinct trend toward cloud adoption. Even with reservations, federal technology leaders are still shedding their legacy systems in favor of a more centralized and modernized approach.

Not only are they shifting applications but also infrastructure, including network management, into the cloud. Download this informative white paper to gain insight into how federal technology leaders approach the cloud. Multi-tenant Orchestrator Software for service providers to manage hundreds or thousands of enterprise EdgeConnect SD-WAN instances.

Service Provider Use Case that enables service providers to offer an EdgeConnect-powered SD-WAN service that automate the granular steering of apps to the correct destination based on security policies. Learn directly from Aruba state and local government organizations on how Aruba is helping improve citizen, staff and visitor experiences while improving operational outcomes. Aruba solutions provide better, faster, less expensive, and high-performing services. Learn directly from Aruba K12 education organizations on how Aruba is helping improve student and staff experiences while improving operational outcomes.

Learn how enterprises can scale large SD-WAN fabrics with Aruba Orchestrator Global Enterprise. The solution provides a highly scalable and flexible multi-tenant orchestration and management capabilities suitable for large enterprises, with multiple independent SD-WAN deployments of Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN. Deliver best application performance, availability and reliability over any transport including consumer broadband. Forward error correction, tunnel bonding, integrated WAN optimization Boost , and SaaS optimization are some of the key features of the EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution.

EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform helps Service providers create new, tiered managed SD-WAN services to increase revenues and improve service agility. Tiered overlay software services include WAN optimization-as-service, branch office routing, analytics-as-a-service and advanced SD-WAN cloud connectivity for on-net and off-net locations.

Learn how the Aruba SD-WAN edge platform helps healthcare providers rapidly build secure and reliable networks with the ability to bring new clinics online more quickly to deliver the highest quality of experience. Leading Canadian corporate meeting event production company supplies client-centric services using Aruba wired networking infrastructure. Learn directly from Aruba healthcare organizations on how Aruba is helping improve patient and staff experiences while improving operational outcomes.

Discover how SaaS Optimization feature in Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN can help distributed enterprises optimize reachability and performance of SaaS apps.

SaaS optimization feature provides optimal routing based on lowest latency for reaching that specific SaaS app. It is all done intelligently and dynamically without user intervention. Hyperscale cloud providers need to distribute modern application and security services as close as possible to the application. Learn how Aruba, in partnership with Pensando, is enabling organizations to leverage this innovative technology to create a distributed services architecture in enterprise data centers and colocation facilities.

Recycling and re-using technology is not only good for the environment, but also good for your budget. Read how HPE Asset Upcycling Services can maximize end-of-use asset value and provide money back for other innovation projects.

Learn how Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN with unified WAN Optimization can transmit images efficiently, reliably and securely over any type of transport, improving the quality of healthcare services. Securing applications no matter where they reside is a key requirement for cloud-first enterprises. EdgeConnect orchestrates app-driven security policies based on built-in stateful firewall and simplified service chaining with cloud-based security gateways and next-generation firewall vendors.

A business impact study of large-scale businesses using Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform, featuring customer examples. At Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, we are unveiling the industry’s first distributed services switch: the Aruba CX with Pensando.

Are you ready to overcome the limitations of legacy networking and security architectures? The Aruba Orchestrator-ServiceNow integration is designed to increase operational control, visibility and management of a SD-WAN or WAN edge network. It simplifies IT operations while improving the quality of experience for all end users.

Service providers are challenged with providing connectivity to any SaaS application quickly, E2E SLA, off-net revenues and backup cloud connect. Aruba EdgeConnect easily enables the service providers to address these challenges and offer services to customers immediately. Learn how a managed EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution enables service providers to offer high-performance service delivery for cloud-native applications.

Deliver on-net and off-net application-specific managed hybrid SD-WAN services with EdgeConnect. Service providers can offer SLA for a managed SD-WAN service operating in a hybrid multi-transport MPLS, LTE and broadband network environment, broadening managed service offerings. The Aruba application-aware SD-WAN overlay model automatically steers traffic to its destination based on QoS and security policies according to business intent BIO rather than relying on complex, inflexible routing protocols.

Learn how selecting a business-driven SD-WAN edge platform can turbo-charge UCaaS performance and help optimize the user experience for real-time UCaaS services. Watch this video to learn how Aruba and Zscaler deliver a secure SD-WAN that automates the configuration of cloud-hosted security services within the Aruba Orchestrator in a matter of minutes.

This automation assures consistent security policies for all users, across all locations with true zero-touch provisioning, enabling optimal application performance by automatically adapting to changing business requirements.

For IT, that means lower costs and simplified operations. And for users, it means fast, secure, and uninterrupted access to business-critical applications. A high level overview of the Aruba solutions that help with Cyber Security in the Primary Education K12 vertical. SD-WAN security is a top of mind for customers. Today’s security approach is fragmented, complex and expensive.

With EdgeConnect, the approach is holistic and automated based on centralized orchestration of security policies across the LAN and WAN.

Compare Wi-Fi 6 to Wi-Fi 6E to better understand which is right for your enterprise to meet today’s needs and future business requirements. Plan your Wi-Fi 6E journey with six strategies to help you take advantage of the additional capacity and wider channels in the 6 GHz band. The EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution has built-in stateful firewall and simplifies integration with security ecosystem partners.

It enables orchestration of app-driven security policies leading to securing sites quickly while reducing errors, faster response to threats and automated app security. Is your network ready for Industrial and Manufacturing processes at the Edge? Now it can be with Aruba ESP. Learn how the Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform with advanced WAN optimization techniques can deliver the highest quality of telemedicine experience for patients, first responders and medical practitioners.

The Aruba EdgeConnect is purposefully engineered to power today’s cloud-first consumption of enterprise applications. The thin branch consolidates and orchestrates the consumption of network functions like SD-WAN, BGP routing, WAN optimization, firewall while protecting current infrastructure investment.

Aruba SD-WAN secures internet breakout and SaaS optimization features ensure optimal user experience by automatically and dynamically mapping SaaS IP addresses to branches in order to steer traffic to its destination using the best path. The first-packet iQ enables organizations to reach cloud-based applications, SaaS, IaaS and trusted web traffic directly to the Internet from branch offices.

IT teams around the world are under immense pressure to provide a good network experience to end users, however this task comes with its own set of challenges. Learn about toughest challenges faced by IT teams when it comes to end-user experience monitoring, and how these can be addressed with Aruba UXI.

Accelerating digital transformation plans underpinned by a secure and consistent network-as-a-service strategy. As cloud-first enterprises embrace digital transformation, they must avoid hardware refresh, a network-centric infrastructure that is not app-aware, and glued orchestration that is not baked in the solution.

The Aruba Unity EdgeConnect enables cloud-first enterprises to accelerate transformation in the most cost-effective way. Retail banks underwent a massive digital transformation, accelerated through the pandemic. This paper looks at ways retail banks can convert those wins into a more predictable and profitable business strategy for the future.

Build a highly available and resilient branch office architecture with the Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform active-active cluster. No single point of failure on the LAN, WAN or appliance side. Learn how you can bring simplicity, operational efficiency and cost effectiveness of SD-WAN to the design.

In this video, we will be discussing key use cases where a software-defined WAN built on the Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform can prove pivotal to improving the healthcare experience for patients and medical practitioners. Deliver WAN optimization when you need it and where most required. Aruba Boost Unified WAN Optimization on-demand is a feature embedded in the Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform, allowing enterprises to optimize on an app-by-app and branch-by-branch basis.

All resulting in reducing cost, enhancing app performance and user experience through latency mitigation and deduplication. Flexible migration from legacy routers to SD-WAN. Learn how Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform works and the benefits it provides to enterprises by enhancing user experience and increasing operational efficiencies.

EdgeConnect provides flexible deployment models, predictable performance over any WAN transport, and simplified and consistent app-driven policies no matter where the app resides. In this video, you will learn how Aruba enables cloud-first enterprises to accelerate, automate and simplify the deployment and management of large, global SD-WANs across multiple regions, supporting fine-grained application, network and security policies that align to business needs. Learn directly from Aruba higher education organizations on how Aruba is helping improve student and staff experiences and outcomes.

Aruba ClearPass QuickStart Service helps you ramp up on the next generation of ClearPass security solutions and also to assist in the preparation for operational support.

Aruba Proactive Engineering Services allow your organization to more quickly achieve digital transformation and meet business goals with services that ensure your Aruba wireless and wired networks deliver peak performance at all times. Learn directly from Aruba hospitality customers on how Aruba is helping improve guest experiences and outcomes with IT solutions that provide better, faster, less expensive, and high-performing services.

A new frontier in wireless is opening with the introduction of Wi-Fi 6E. Given the new channels, is it best to continue current practices and deploy all channels in a single layer of coverage or take a new approach? This data sheet includes Aruba products and solutions that operate under strict adherence to international and U.

government computer security standards in order to meet or exceed the demands and requirements of national agencies, organizations, and other publicly-funded institutions. Learn directly from Aruba retail customers on how Aruba is helping them improve customer experiences and outcomes with IT solutions that provide better, faster, less expensive, and high-performing services. Globe Life Field delivers premier fan and guest experiences with intelligent, fast, secure Aruba ESP-based edge network.

High performance network establishes first-class Wi-Fi to accelerate digital learning across 14 schools in the Netherlands. This partner solution overview describes the Aruba and Facebook partnership which integrates Aruba wireless with Facebook Express Wi-Fi to help service providers monetize Wi-Fi networks.

Centrally-managed wireless connectivity helps Fondazione per la Scuola close the digital skills gap in Italian schools. Italian shipping leader imagines diversification as ferry industry undergoes digital transformation.

AIOps automation helps classify and see the Wi-Fi and wired clients IoT, laptops, cameras, phones accurately to grant access privileges for security and bandwidth demands. Engage with Aruba experts during this WLAN QuickStart service to quickly deploy the latest Aruba WLAN technology. Discover the benefits quickly, learn best practices, and be prepared to transform your environment at your own pace.

Aruba Campus Switching QuickStart Service accelerates the implementation of baseline Aruba CX switch features into any environment, so that organizations can more quickly take advantage of next-gen Aruba CX switches.

Unified architecture delivers platform for healthcare innovation at leading hospital in the Netherlands.

Technology helps students get excited about learning and enhances the resources for educators. Jackie Sandoval hosts. With Aruba Fabric Composer and Aruba CX switches, customers can quickly and easily deploy and automate data center networking fabrics. This enables faster time to production for hyper-converged and private cloud environments at any scale while being fully interoperable with existing data center infrastructure.

EdgeConnect is deployed in dual redundant configurations for high availability at all plus Kinross locations across the Americas, West Africa and Russia. As a result, the company has been able to retire legacy routers and decommission MPLS and VPLS circuits in favor of dual redundant broadband or dedicated internet access DIA , reducing costs substantially.

Confidential documents, sensitive communications, and classified files are troublingly vulnerable outside traditional secure network perimeters. Aruba technology can transform guest experiences, drive greater loyalty, and boost business outcomes. See this Day in the Life hospitality experience as we follow a business traveler — from hotel arrival, mobile check-in, through various service connections — all designed to enhance the guest experience at every step of their journey.

By transforming WAN and security architectures with SASE, enterprises can ensure direct AND secure access to cloud-hosted applications and services for users, regardless of location or the devices used to access them.

Networking and security are truly converging at the WAN edge. To realize all the benefits the cloud offers, and to implement a secure access service edge, enterprises need to transform both their WAN and security architectures, not just one or the other. You can start the journey with SD-WAN or with cloud-security or with both. You may not want to be forced into transforming both at the same time — you likely want to transform these architectures at a pace that makes sense for the company.

Start by evaluating your WAN and security requirements based on business needs. Many enterprises really need best of breed WAN technology AND best of breed cloud-delivered security, without compromising on either. IoT devices create some security challenges that are not directly addressed by SASE.

The SASE model, which is the combination of advanced SD-WAN capabilities and cloud-delivered security services, must be augmented with a zero-trust network security capability.

It must be able to provide visibility into user identity, device identity and their role in the business to enable fine-grained segmentation. The network must enforce segmentation so that users and devices can only reach destinations consistent with their roles. SASE is the combination of advanced WAN edge functions, unified and deployed at the branch, married with a rich set of cloud-delivered security services.

Most enterprises prefer best-of-breed WAN technology and best-of-breed cloud-delivered security, without compromising either. But how can we make a multi-vendor solution easy to deploy and easy to update? To implement cloud-delivered security and deliver the best cloud app performance, you must configure secure IPsec tunnels between branch locations and cloud security enforcement points.

With integrated orchestration that automates a best-of-breed multi-vendor SASE architecture, IT and the enterprise realizes the best in operational efficiency without compromising either the networking component or the cloud security component of a SASE architecture.

Spoiler alert! SD-WAN is actually a foundational component of SASE architecture. If you read the initial Gartner report from the Summer of that introduced the SASE framework as well as follow-on reports, they clearly define SASE as the combination of SD-WAN and security functions delivered in the cloud. Is your network ready for Sports and Entertainment at the Edge? Now is can be with Aruba ESP. From app-enabled venue navigation and personalized engaging interactions based on user preferences, Aruba ESP provides frictionless experiences for staff and visitors alike.

This partner solution overview describes the Aruba ClearPass and Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT joint certified solution as a part of the Security Exchange technology partner program. This partner solution overview describes the Aruba and HID partnership which integrates Aruba wireless infrastructure with HID’s Location Services for multiple healthcare operational use-cases.

AGC Biologics keeps supply chains moving across global manufacturing operations with network assurance of Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN. Leading UK law firm accelerates application performance on public IaaS to enhance productivity and client services.

This partner solution overview describes the Aruba and Thermokon partnership which integrates Aruba wireless with Thermokon intelligence sensors. This ordering guide defines the SKUs of the Series Campus Access Point models and the compatible hardware accessories. The Internet of Things is driving new forms of digital transformation seemingly everywhere in the organization. How will your network support all those new requirements?

With Aruba ESP, you can empower your organization with a future-proof hyper-aware network that combines IT and IoT on a single platform—so you can easily adapt to whatever IoT technology comes next. It includes an overview of the funding requirements, how much is available to state and local governments and how to apply.

Stop putting off looking at AIOps to improve managing your network. We look at some common myths and give you ideas on what to really look for in an AIOps solution. The cost of not monitoring end users experience on your network is very high, learn how Aruba User Experience Insight is helping businesses across verticals to reduce this cost and making their network future ready. High performance network enables workplace dynamism for German IT services provider — and creates showroom for innovation.

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, or AIOps, is a modern way to manage your enterprise networks, but most IT pros are still trying to figure out what it means. And, not to mention, what to look for and where to start. This company is a pioneer and market leader in power systems, manufacturing and distributing the widest range of power products in the marketplace including portable home and large commercial generators and backup power systems serving residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

Explore Aruba’s Outdoor Access Points to meet the needs of enterprises no matter what size or where they operate — with simple mounting options.

SASE or Secure Access Service Edge is an architecture that combines necessary branch WAN edge functions including SD-WAN, routing, segmentation, zone-based firewall and WAN optimization with comprehensive cloud-delivered security services, delivered and managed in the cloud.

SASE has been defined differently by different SD-WAN vendors and security vendors. This series of short videos are intended to provide you with everything you need to know about SD-WAN but were afraid to ask. Unified SD-Branch network architecture underpins digital innovation to streamline just-in-time logistics for global giant.

Las Vegas entertainment hub delivers 1. Healthcare cost negotiator improves application access and quality of experience for remote users with Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN. Infographic highlights the top things that IT teams are looking for in an AIOps solution during the buying cycle.

Turkish insurance company looks to dominate and lead the industry by strengthening its infrastructure using intelligent unified network technologies. In this podcast interview, Scott Shaw, Chief Technology Officer at FordHarrison, explains that with Aruba EdgeConnect appliances at each office he was able to decommission expensive MPLS circuits and retire legacy Cisco routers, simplifying day-to-day management and troubleshooting, and boosting staff productivity by improving application performance and VoIP reliability.

See how the Aruba IoT Transport for Microsoft Azure service enables the secure, bidirectional transfer of data between edge IoT devices and Azure IoT using existing Aruba IT infrastructure as the linkage between the two. With this service, you can reduce the time, cost and risk of developing homegrown or customized solutions. Ambica Sogal, Senior Product Line Manager for Aruba IoT Solutions, shares how the IoT Operations service can help network administrators accelerate IoT deployments and reduce security risk.

Learn more at arubanetworks. Learn how IoT Operations can extend visibility and control beyond your IT network infrastructure into IoT applications and devices connected to the network. This At-A-Glance provides benefits of upgrading to the Aruba CX access layer switch series and includes a key feature comparison with Aruba Switch Series. New Aruba CX i Switch Series delivers ruggedized, high performance, and secure Ethernet wired connectivity ideal for IoT, access points, and user devices deployed in harsh environments.

Is your network ready for Financial Services at the Edge? From transitioning to a hybrid workplace with a frictionless user experience, to location awareness and mobility management systems, to AI-based health monitoring of critical applications and devices, Aruba ESP skillfully blends digital capabilities and physical processes. Aruba User Experience Insight provides a comprehensive, proactive monitoring solution that transforms user experience management.

With easy-to-deploy sensors and an intuitive ML-powered dashboard, Aruba UXI significantly reduces the time taken to identify and troubleshoot network issues impacting high priority services.

With Aruba UXI, IT Teams can quickly identify network and application performance issues with a single glance at the visually powerful dashboard and reduce truck rolls cost on troubleshooting. AIOps automation takes a new direction with self-healing workflows that let IT teams dynamically fix user impacting issues at any hour of the day without manual intervention.

Not-for-profit UK healthcare provider gains significantly higher network performance with reliable, resilient SD-WAN. Building upon the processes and functionality shown in previous workflow demos, learn how with Aruba Fabric Composer, Network Administrators can generate multiple EVPN instances to establish interconnections within data center infrastructures without a high level of specialized skills or manual configurations. Experience this for yourself at: www. Learn how with Aruba Fabric Composer, Network Administrators can bring simplicity to commonly applied functions, like establishing a network fabric infrastructure.

Learn how with Aruba Fabric Composer, Network Administrators can create consistency, reduce errors, and free up time, with a quick and uniform process to configure switch parameters across the entire network infrastructure. Through a series of automated Guided Setups, learn how Aruba Fabric Composer simplifies and accelerates provisioning of the network fabric and reduces the need for highly-specialized knowledge.

Aruba Service Intelligence for Network as-a-Service NaaS Webinar. Austin Hawthorne As a Service Sales Director. Sanitas USA provides healthcare and insurance services through a nation-wide network of hospitals and clinics. The company had deployed an SD-WAN solution at more than 60 locations, but the product failed to deliver key capabilities such as automated failover and network visibility.

This podcast interview features Victor Vega, a Network Engineer with Sanitas. Victor shares why he’s replacing an existing SD-WAN vendor with Aruba EdgeConnect. A look at how Aruba AIOps in Aruba Central helps IT solve a common problem – Power over Ethernet issues.

Automated AI Insights show you which of your Aruba switches are over-subscribed and they impact they’re having on your network. Is your network ready for Federal Government Agencies at the Edge? Excellent network experience in the hotel determines whether guests choose to stay, and this also generates significant data traffic for the hotel. For IHG, it is imperative to upgrade the network infrastructure.

This partner solution overview describes the Aruba and Polestar partnership which integrates Aruba wireless infrastructure with Pole Star Location Platform for Mobile and Indoor positioning and RTLS.

Enterprise architectures are changing. Users are everywhere—in the office, working or learning from home, or anywhere in between. And applications can be anywhere, too. How can you securely, and seamlessly, connect anyone or anything at these edge locations to the cloud, and to applications? Based on the principles of Zero Trust and SASE using best-of-breed solutions.

Powered by Aruba ESP. For more info, visit www. Watch how Wi-Fi 6E access points perform in this speed test across the 2. Wi-Fi 6E provides more capacity, wider channels and less interference to better meet enterprise needs today and plan for future growth.

To learn more, go to www. Gain insight into the technical considerations of Wi-Fi 6E and 6 GHz and explore its implications for new and existing Wi-Fi deployments. In Extenso ensures a consistent high quality of experience for accountants and customers with the Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform.

Aruba Air Pass brings seamless cellular roaming to private enterprise networks with pre-negotiated operator agreements and a globally-accessible, secure authentication hub.

Shantell Skalberg and Brian Sterud of Faith Regional Health Services talk with Samuel Hill about the digital transformation of health care during the pandemic, digital engagement with patients, and Wi-Fi-bathtubs yes, that’s a thing!

Aruba data center solutions unify, automate, and protect emerging enterprise use cases required in the new edge-to-cloud era. Through the ongoing integration efforts of STANLEY Healthcare and Aruba, healthcare systems have access to state-of-the-art design and deployment, professional services, and an unwavering commitment to customer service. This partner solution overview describes the Cynerio and Aruba partnership to help ensure that only compliant medical devices can access and remain on the network with the Aruba ClearPass and Cynerio Healthcare IOT Platform.

Digital transformation is a top priority for Singapore Press Holdings Limited SPH while evolving alongside changing consumer habits, but legacy technology systems could not support its forward-thinking vision. Sanitas assures clinics of reliable, secure access to critical cloud applications with the Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform. Ordering details for Aruba Central On-Premises, which is powered by purpose-built server appliances and cloud-native software to bring a cloud-like network management experience to your on-prem environment.

Ponemon Instituteは、SD-WAN、SASE、およびZero Trust Securityアーキテクチャの状態を理解するために、世界中の1,人のITプロフェッショナルを調査しました。彼らの発見はあなたを驚かせるかもしれません。. This partner solution overview describes the Aruba and Hanshow partnership integrating Aruba wireless access points with Hanshow electronic shelf labels ESLs.

This Aruba and Asimily partner solution overview describes the certified partnership to monitor and manage healthcare devices on the medical device network.

As-a-service next-gen connectivity facilitates digital learning, while transforming student experiences. SPH embarks on digital transformation journey that delivers on seamless connectivity, security and differentiated user experiences.

But no two journeys are the same. Wherever you are in your edge-to-cloud journey, we are there. Your Journey. Your Edge. A view into how Aruba User Experience Insight with AI-powered Incident Detection identifies client and application specific issues in real-time. And cuts down on alert fatigue. Growth at the edge in the form of remote users and large numbers of new IoT devices has created unique challenges around onboarding, visibility and inherently, security.

At the same time, continued migration of applications to the cloud has changed the way we approach network planning and related security requirements, since legacy networks were not designed to accommodate a cloud-first world. Learn how Aruba Edge-to-Cloud Security enables higher levels of security as your network expands.

Transforming consumer experience through cloud-native, AI-enabled and data-centric network services. This podcast interview features Marc Ashworth, CISO at First Bank, and Damon Ennis, VP of Engineering at Aruba Networks.

First Bank is a family-owned lender that operates in five states and offers business, personal, and commercial banking services. First Bank relies on its WAN for banking and business applications. With tectonic shifts in the way we live and work, privacy has never been a more relevant and hotly contested topic. It has broad implications within the enterprise spanning topics as diverse as security, ethics, and labor laws.

Join experts from the HPE and Aruba teams for a discussion on what it takes to build an environment that proactively considers privacy implications within the organization. Paul Kaspian hosts. What is SASE, why is it so critical to the enterprise, and why it will define edge-to-cloud security for the next decade. This seamless integration lets VMware administrators manage their VMware-centric infrastructure using native vCenter.

This Aruba Validated Design AVD outlines design and deployment information for SD-Branch networks. Making a program successful requires a solid network infrastructure that can support both players and fans and does not impact the rest of the academic curriculum.

Aruba ESP can help students compete and increase learning. By transforming both their WAN and security architectures, enterprises can ensure direct, secure access to applications and services across multi-cloud environments regardless of location or the devices used to access them. View all the part numbers and accessories you will need to order an Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise SD-WAN. This partner solution overview describes how Aruba and Piera Systems have partnered to enable air quality monitoring to be directly added to an Aruba AP.

It is now possible to unify disparate computing infrastructures into one seamless network access solution — for government employees, contractors, visitors, and military personnel in garrison or in deployment, as well as for agencies that handle sensitive but unclassified, confidential and classified information.

This whitepaper provides an overview of Aruba Technology Partner and Aruba Infrastructure components for financial industry applications. Aruba CX switching is built for the Federal Government.

Trust your network to the recognized leader. Secure, cloud-hosted, Software-as-a-Service subscription that enables enterprises to centrally assign business intent policies to applications and manage and monitor their Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN. A look at how Aruba’s AIOps Peer Comparison feature delivers optimization tips and long-term results.

Includes the value of peer comparisons, how it works, and a retail customer use case example. Wi-Fi 6E extends the same Wi-Fi 6 capabilities to the 6 GHz band. Watch this video onWi-Fi 6E to learn how it is different from Wi-Fi 6, the key benefits of Wi-Fi 6E, and use cases. Aruba has aligned our offering to support the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare.

By leveraging the industry’s first AI-Powered and cloud-native platform, Healthcare can deploy any user, device, or Medical IoT across any variety of deployment types. This solution overview describes how Aruba wireless access points can be used as an IoT platform by supporting various communication methods: Aruba IoT Connect for Azure reduces the complexity of ingesting IoT sensor data into the Azure IoT cloud to streamline the deployment of Azure IoT managed services and IoT applications and reduce risk.

Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform helps leading labor and employment law firm improve productivity and client service. Is your network ready for State and Local Governments at the Edge? Would you rather lock down your network with add-ons or trust a network with built-in security? Aruba ClearPass reduces access security risk in any wired or wireless environment. Wi-Fi 6に対応したアクセスポイントによる電源とネットワークの二重化による安定稼働を実現。「Aruba AirWave」によるネットワークの稼働状況の可視化。トラブルの早期発見、対応などの運用者の負荷軽減。.

This version of the brochure contains a list of products and solutions offered by Aruba tailored for enterprise use, along with a brief overview and key technical specifications. No industry has more unique network security needs than the Federal government. Learn how Aruba has helped agencies deliver critical services and improve operations for over 17 years. In this podcast interview, Daniel Ruhl, Senior VP and Director of IT at InterBank, shares how the Aruba EdgeConnect platform enabled him to bond MPLS connections with broadband and retire legacy routers at each branch to improve performance and security, eliminate single points of failure, and elevate quality of experience for bank staff and customers.

InterBank is a commercial lender that operates in more than 40 locations in Texas and Oklahoma in the United States. Aruba ClearPass is integrated into the network infrastructure. Aruba Central powers modern learning environment for 1, students at University College School. This whitepaper provides an overview of Aruba Technology Partner and Aruba Infrastructure components for civilian and government industry applications. Need to connect a new IoT device to the network?

The Student Hotel is rethinking the hospitality sector, aiming to create flexible, multi-dimensional and hyper-aware spaces. Its partnership with Aruba means the business can be securely agile, consistent and data-driven. Large, diverse British Columbia district supports educational paradigm shifts with high-performance Aruba edge network.

High performance network provides the platform for consistent guest experiences and new digital services. High-achieving Georgia school district addresses rapidly evolving curriculum demands with Aruba CX, Central and UXI. Citizens Broadband Radio Service CBRS is the most important development in enterprise wireless today. This partner solution overview describes how the Aruba and Meridian Kiosk partnership provides thermal screening check-in kiosk solutions.

Leading engineering, procurement and construction firm dynamically adapts to changing needs with Aruba ESP, SD-Branch, CX Switches, Central and UXI.

Aruba customers can extend their private, on-premises data center with AWS Outposts services and provide the necessary integration to allow local workloads to interact with AWS workloads on-premises with support for high bandwidth, low latency, security, and high availability.

AWS Outposts can now be deployed in an on-premises data center with Aruba CX switching and seamlessly interoperate with an AWS Outposts rack. This partner solution overview describes how the Aruba and Aislelabs partnership provides location based insights to retailers and owners of large venues. This partner solution overview describes the Aruba and DeCurtis partnership which integrates the DeCurtis wayfinding platform with Aruba APs for cruise lines. This video discusses five broad categories of SD-WAN benefits: Increased application performance and availability, Enhanced agility and responsiveness, Simplified WAN edge architecture, Improved WAN security, and Lower WAN costs.

An SD-WAN is a more intelligent, cloud-first way to build a WAN, that improves business productivity, end-user quality of experience, accelerates business initiatives and lower costs. 新型コロナ環境下において、企業等へのサイバー攻撃が急増している。また、自宅等でのリモートワークと出社で共通のPCを使うことで、企業内でのマルウェア感染リスクも高まっている。 NTTデータでは、このようなリスクに対して様々なセキュリティ対策を実施しているが、特に可視化とポリシー制御が重要である。その一環として、Aruba社の製品・技術を組み合わせ、企業内ネットワークに正規のPCのみ接続させる端末認証と、最新のセキュリティ環境であるかを確認するまで隔離する検疫ネットワークを実現している。本講演では、コロナ環境下における企業のセキュリティリスクとその低減方法について説明する。.

See how the integration of Aruba SD-Branch with AWS Transit Gateway Connect provides customers with a higher bandwidth option to seamlessly connect branch locations to AWS VPCs using Aruba virtual gateways. As an IDC analyst paper sponsored by Aruba, this paper provides insights into NaaS today based on a survey of over North American IT and networking professionals and their plans around the implementation and usage of NaaS. This IDC Analyst Connection paper answers some of the top questions around NaaS, including the driving factors for most organizations today.

SimonMed is a provider of medical imaging and radiology services. The company sends massive 2D and 3D medical images across approximately U. locations, representing about GB of image data per day.

La Receta company, with its leading brands il forno and Wajaca, improved customer experience and while expanding restaurant and retail operations in Colombia. This data sheet describes key features, supported standards and specifications for the Wi-Fi 6 Aruba EX Series AP. Ideal for high-density, hazardous locations. Simple and concise, this ordering guide details the specifications for the Wi-Fi 6 Aruba EX Series Access Points.

Ideal for high-density, hazardous environments. This At-A-Glance provides benefits of upgrading to the Aruba CX access layer switch series and includes a key feature comparison with Aruba and Switch Series. This data sheet explains the key security advantages of this architecture. Tractor Supply Co. is the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the United States today. Joining us to discuss is their very own Glenn Allison VP of Technology and Innovation and Bill Benedict Wireless Architect.

Vincent Rendoni hosts. An AIOps use case overview that outlines the value of using Aruba Central and AI Insights to help solve potential network problems in a targeted location or site. Healthcare organizations look to do two things: Meet patient expectations and lower costs.

Sound a little contradictory? With asset tracking, University of Washington Medicine is doing both. Ward Yohe, their Operations and Maintenance Analyst explains in the latest Aruba Unplugged.

The enterprise IT world is in the midst of a shift — from data centers to centers of data. Aruba product experts Steve Brar and William Choe join us to discuss causes, challenges, and solutions in this quick Aruba Unplugged. This paper by IDC discusses how traditional enterprise on-prem data center networks are changing, as they look for new ways to more easily deploy, operate, and manage a growing mix of cloud, branch, and edge infrastructures.

This partner solution overview describes the Aruba ClearPass and Medigate partnership and integration for healthcare deployments. Aruba CX Switching delivers a number of SDN-ready capabilities that help IT improve network agility and operational efficiency. This solution overview is focused on data center environments, which have some distinct needs compared to campus and branch.

Our solution is built around Aruba CX switches and meets three major needs: automation, analytics, and availability. High performance Wi-Fi 5 Evhen Farmiga of The Walt Disney Company discusses the importance of invisible technology for immersive guest experiences.

This partner solution overview describes the Aruba and Vocera partnership for healthcare staff communications. Aruba SD-Branch and Check Point CloudGuard Connect Solution Overview for securing branch to cloud.

Early in the pandemic, we saw a need for healthcare organizations to set up temporary COVID-related facilities and for K school districts to ensure that children with limited connectivity at home could have access to online distance-learning resources.

Aruba responded by donating thousands of secure connectivity kits and by creating the Airhead Volunteer Corps; a group of global networking volunteers who helped build out the needed infrastructures. Is your network ready for Retail at the Edge?

Whether you are providing in-store shopping, curb-side pickup, or pop-up services, you can deliver the experiences that your customers expect. Is your network ready for Hospitality at the Edge? Aruba Global Services simplifies and accelerates the network technology life cycle, enabling your network to scale with better predictability and cost-effectiveness. Read this overview to learn about the services that we offer.

Aruba と Silver Peak の統合SD-WAN へのエンド・ツー・エンドのアプローチにより、お客様がクラウド環境におけるパフォーマンスとセキュリティを、費用を抑えつつ改善できるようサポートします。. Aruba と Silver Peak が正式に統合しました。Aruba 創業者 兼 プレジデントのキルティ・メルコーテと Silver Peak CEO のデヴィッド・ヒューズが、未来へのビジョンについて語ります。.

In a pandemic, everything runs through an internet connection. Gain a better understanding of how other organizations are shifting to the hybrid workplace and responding to the need for key capabilities such as secure remote access and contact tracing. The FSFE will be present with a booth and is looking forward to have interesting talks with you about Free Software and society.

Although this might be the tradeoff for being able to actually read the menus in PhotoshopCS6, I am curious if this is the same experience others are having with this workaround? Steve: There’s a lot of things that happened that I’m sure I could have done better when I was at a Apple the first time and a lot of things that happened after I left that I thought were wrong turns, but it doesn’t matter.

It really doesn’t matter and you kind of got to let go of that stuff and we are where we are. So we tend to look forward. buy microsoft project online Windows Virtual PC is the latest version of Virtual PC, exclusively for Windows 7.

It only supports officially guest operating systems from XP SP3 and up. L0pht’s legacy is a mixed one. The group was among the pioneers of a system called “responsible disclosure,” still widely used today, in which researchers who find bugs give companies a set amount of time to make fixes before security flaws are announced to the world. These metrics may be used by AWS to provide, maintain, and improve the quality and feature set of the Service Offerings.

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