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DRV 6. Labels: Labels: Performance. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Laszlo Nagy Community Admin. You should report this to your local reseller or send a BugReport to GS with the Bug Reporter that comes up with the crash. No one here can figure out what those lines of code mean. Well, I reported it already. Also I found a workaround. I just need to start it from another user account. Post Reply. Ralph Wessel BArch.

Every time it crashed I sent away the report from the bug reporter. My colleague was able to use it in her Archicad 20 file – so I opened a blank Archicad file and copied the site boundaries across. Glad to know Im not the only one! Post Reply. Start a new conversation! Create new topic. Related articles. Latest solutions. Composite wall build-ups – accurate material thick Please help.

Here are some quick ideas to consider. Are you having problems with multiple files? Perhaps it is a problem with your computer. Can you create a new file and do a bit of drawing, then save, close and reopen OK? Is there anything special about this file — perhaps a complex mesh or morph elements or lots of Solid Element Operations? These can cause issues in rare cases.

Can you open any of the files you merged your work into? Or merge them into a new file? Have you contacted Graphisoft tech support — they may be able to give you assistance. I wish you the best in saving your work and continuing your project! By the way, how are you transferring the file?

Eric, thank you so much for the info you gave me and for responding me as I was pretty preoccupied about this matter.. Thanks for giving us an update. You can use Dropbox. As this problem is in the same subject matter as above, I am curious if you have ever run into this issue.

For example. I was working on a project all day, saving as I continued along with no errors. Later in the day after I had closed that file and worked on other items, I went back to the file to open, but it would not locate. It had saved to a temporary file, but never notified me Archicad was doing this. When finally locating the file location, it was a text file not in any format related to Archicad. I am able to go back to the old file on the server and open it, but it would not have any of the work I had recently done.

The biggest frustration on this is that you cannot tell it is saving to that file. It gives you no warning. I thought it could be a server connection issue, as my files are saved to a server. But even if I lost connection, the program should warn me that I cannot save and require me to save elsewhere. This has happened to me on a couple different projects, so it was not related to a bad file. Really confused. The temporary file you mentioned is actually not something you can open directly; it is in a special format that allows ArchiCAD to make very quick updates to keep your autosave up to date.

Note that while in general saving to a server is good, that if there are intermittent issues, then it may be best to save to your local disk, then when done for the day, copy it back to the server. Of course you would in that case have to be extra careful that no one else opened the server file and worked on it. Hi, Eric I have been having a problem with my Archicad 16 for some time now.

Now the problem is this, i sometimes run multiple files at the same time and sometimes mix-up the names so i end up saving a file hamid as something else and so on. I know in PC every time you hit the save button it automatically saves the file to the default name. Am i getting a setting wrong or this is how Mac works.

Best regards. In general the Mac should work the same way as a PC in that you can simply Save your work periodically without having to rename and possibly overwrite files. Here are some ideas to check out:.

PLA files include all library parts that are in use from the loaded libraries and are intended for archival purposes; they are sometimes used to transport files to another computer or to send to a consultant. License Agreement. Add-on dialogs with resID can be unwillingly resized after opening the file dialog from Add-On Manager. Reading a project written on the opposite platform the PlatformSign of the module data is not filled.



Archicad 19 graphisoft bug reporter free.Bug Reporter

These tables enumerate the API related defects already fixed in former ARCHICAD versions, indicating the number of the program build in. Bug reporter – it’s how you send bug reports to Graphisoft. The few times I’ve sent it through, I have had very constructive responses. You can also do your own.