Bixby is the collaboration of creative minds. Bixby is friends supporting friends. Bixby appreciates people who go for it in life and fuel their passions, discovering hidden talents along the way. Bixby stays evolving, growing, and learning.

Bixby was created as a means to unpack the things inside my head while I figured my life out. I was a fresh university graduate who moved back to my hometown at 26 and felt like I was backpedalling. Nobody prepares you for that hopeless feeling you get when you don’t have your routine of classes and homework to fall back on, and it’s even worse when no employers are hiring in your field.

One thing I learned during my schooling was that I wanted to create my own magazine one day, so I focused on that when I felt uncertain of my future.

There’s a specific feeling of hope I get only reserved for magazines. The ads, the stories, the photography; it’s all art. To hold a magazine in your hand is to hold the ideas of hundreds of people collaborating and expanding their creative minds.

I am always on the lookout for people who share similar visions in life as I do; art connoisseurs, musicians, photographers, people who see the beauty in creating.

Music, fashion, self-care, literature, photography, art, entertainment, our hobbies: These are the things who shape us into who we are. I am inspired by those who find inspiration in themselves. I want to show our passions to the world.

I’m a freelance writer. I love what I do and I’m extremely grateful for that. My degree in creative writing allows me to pursue different venues of the industry while learning and transforming different parts of myself.

Much of my inspiration comes from GQ, Vogue, and Nylon, to name a few of the many publications I support, and I am heavily influenced by social media and all it can accomplish. Mostly, I love connecting with others around the world and sharing ideas.

Let’s see what we can come up with.

Jesse Bixby