I’ve been told my ideas and passions could help make the world a better place, so that’s what Bixby is about.

Bixby is meant to shine a light on your life. Open your eyes to all the cool art, beauty, and inspirations in the world. Stay informed about the need-to-knows, and the want-to-knows. Live your best life, both physically and mentally.

My passions are music, environmentalism, fashion, feminism, mindfulness, travel, self-care, literature, photography, art, entertainment. These are the things that spark something inside each of us; these are the things that matter.

I’m here to teach you something new, to share with you my adventures, thoughts, feelings, and to be a friend. Here’s to hoping someone can read Bixby and learn something new, perhaps find their new favourite musician or artist, try a new recipe, or learn how to love themselves a little better.

Bixby is a look inside my mind, my heart, yourself.


Jesse Bixby