bixby behind the scenes

Let’s get vulnerable, shall we?

A goal of mine in 2021 is to become better at speaking my truths because that is what I feel my true purpose is here on this earth. By creating a safe space for me to be completely honest about the world around me and the inner workings of my personal life, I hope my readers will find pieces of themselves in the way I experience this life.

The world is a crazy place these days and it’s important we look out for one another. I’m generally a positive person who doesn’t have much to complain about. However, when the world is in chaos (which it seems to be all the time lately), I can have my down days just like everyone else. This is where I’ll share how I’m moving through any feelings of negativity, what I feel it means to be human, and how my spiritual journey is unraveling. I hope my subscribers take my words and find meaning in them.

A monthly $5.00 subscription will get you access to the locked content throughout the site. You’ll also be put on a special mailing list where I send out personalized emails to check in at the end of each month. By subscribing to Bixby, you’ll have a friend for life.

So welcome to Bixby behind the scenes, a more thoughtful and vulnerable corner of the internet. You’re safe here. I encourage everyone to reflect and connect, whether it be with oneself or by reaching out to me or loved ones. I’m looking forward to connecting with you and getting to know you better, just as you’re getting to know the real and raw side of me.

Positive energy and blessings only,

Jesse Bixby