the 4 stages of a spiritual awakening

The four main stages of a spiritual awakening aren’t necessarily all that fun, but you always come out better on the other side.

While quarantine ensues and every day feels the same… I’ve found myself on Tiktok again, specifically #spiritualtok and #financetok. I’m learning a lot from these TikTokers and it’s been so fun connecting with them all. Whenever I go through a spiritual awakening of sorts, I tend to go off the deep end for a while. It’s hard to feel like you can relate to anyone while you’re *in the weeds* but TikTok has shown me that there are THOUSANDS of people out there who go through the SAME THINGS.

Not everyone will go through all the stages of an awakening. Some get stuck in certain stages for long periods of time until the epiphany comes. And this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list of the experience of an awakening. There are many stages and many experiences — all of them vastly different and unique and special to the beholder. These four stages are just the main phases I seem to experience each time I go through something like this.

I can remember four big spiritual awakenings in my life. The first took place when I was eighteen years old and I began to wonder what the point of life was. I began to question why society operated in certain ways, like why were we taught about everything except the stuff that actually mattered, such as the blatant racism that still exists in our country, or maybe financial literacy of any sort, instead we spent our time learning about the Boston Tea Party of 1773 and reading Shakespeare. (Teenagers literally do not care about Romeo and Juliet; let the English lit nerds like me read that stuff in university where it’s appreciated.) I graduated high school and didn’t know anything…about anything. At the time I was angry and confused, I felt cheated that the “best years of my life” were wasted during those pointless hours in high school, and that the most precious years of my life as a child were spent inside a classroom learning how to write in cursive. I fell into what I thought was depression.

Turns out, I was just waking up.


I recently went through a bout of weird days (or weeks, or was it months? Honestly, the days blurred together and time felt irrelevant so I don’t even remember) where I had the same feelings again, although now that I am smarter and therefore wiser, I knew I was going through another awakening. The current state of the world had me down. What was the point of any of this? Capitalism and consumerism rule the world. The elite are corrupt, and they also rule the world. Everyone is stuck inside and human connection is restricted. There’s much time to think these days.

I’m seeing my old patterns, behaviours, ways of thinking, and embedded belief systems simply being tossed out the window. I no longer have an interest in anything. My old hobbies don’t really excite me. I removed hundreds of followers on my Instagram. I cleaned out my contacts, photos, closets. I started daydreaming about purchasing property in the middle of the forest and living off the land (goals). I made it harder to access me. Protecting my peace and releasing old trauma. Doing yoga and spending time outdoors. I was also waking up during the hours of 3 – 5 am, barely eating, resting, and hydrating. It’s all a part of it.

It sounds like you’ve got depression, but once you start to question ~what else is out there~ you know it’s not, really. It’s a spiritual awakening! Smile, because mentally you’re doing alright. You’re taking care of yourself and are actually doing the best possible thing for not only yourself, but for the world. By healing a part of yourself, you are healing a part of the world, and that is in the greatest good for everyone.

However, you’re exhausted and could use some sleep.


The “dark night of the soul” stage of the awakening is the night you kill your ego. It is the night you prepare to say goodbye to your old life. It is a night of purging. It usually comes after a while of brooding about your current reality. You’re in charge, after all, and when it feels like the right time, you’ll know. It gets exhausting carrying outdated versions of yourself, so the sooner you can reach this point, the better. Anything that comes up, let it. Sit with it and feel it out. You cannot move forward until you let go of the things you hold onto, and it is hard to feel light when you are resisting change. It’s not as bad as it sounds — think of it as a rebirth. The point of a spiritual awakening is not only to awaken your third eye or become more conscious; it is also to raise your frequency in order to help shift the world’s frequency. Many people on this earth do not have spiritual awakenings, so we must not only do the work for ourselves but for those who are asleep, too. If we ever want to leave the dark night, we must become light inside.

In my own experience, I try to make the dark night a one-night show and get it over with. I have a bath, light some candles, get some crystals, throw in some rose petals, put on some music, smoke a lil weed to help me connect with the higher powers, ask for answers, meditate, count my blessings, have a good cry, let it out. Get real spiritual about it. I usually journal about the experience afterwards, too.


In my opinion, the void stage of the spiritual awakening is worse than the dark night. At least in the dark night you feel something, whereas in the void, you just kinda feel like you’re… existing. Floating, maybe. I feel like the void comes because once you learn all this information about how the Universe works and how limitless you really are as a conscious being, you don’t really know what to do with it. It’s fascinating but overwhelming. You feel like you could learn forever, but the hours seem to pass like minutes and you often find yourself wondering where the day went. Your sleep schedule is off, your appetite is off, everything is just… off. This is a good time to unplug. For real, just go outside. Go be in connection with nature and what the Universe intended to be. Go talk to the trees or pray to the mountains or put your feet in the ocean, you’ll feel better. (I’m not joking.) Connect with nature and connect with yourself so that you can find the power to move forward with your elevated way of thinking.


I managed at eighteen to dig myself out of “the void” when I didn’t know what it was, and I’ve done it again at 27, although I was much more informed this time. I’ve learned a lot over the years, mostly because once you have your first awakening, they never truly stop. When you find yourself in an awakening and you can recognize that, it gets easier to pull yourself out of them. You learn to appreciate everything all over again; the vibes are superior, your gratitude is off the charts, you’re walking with a bounce in your step and smiling to strangers on the street. It’s time to shine your light and lessons and positivity on others who are going through similar experiences. Raise the frequency of those around you!

So you’ve made it to the other side… What happens now?

If you’ve made it this far, I assume you know all about the Law of Attraction and the power of manifestation. Focus on raising your vibe so you attract the good you want in your life. By becoming radiant, you encourage others to do the same. Everybody wins, especially you. Shine on, my loves.

Have you ever had a spiritual awakening? I want to hear your story!