who and what are your spirit guides?

I first found spirituality after I graduated high school. Growing up, I went to church and Christian summer camps and schools, but I didn’t really believe in what I was being taught. Something in me felt disconnected from it all — I wanted to believe there was a higher purpose, but calling it God and following the story of Jesus didn’t feel right.

At 18 years old, I was depressed because I was hanging out with the wrong friends, I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere, I couldn’t figure out what to do with my life, and I was living in a party house with people I barely knew or liked. Not having any sort of belief system, I fell into a void, pondering the meaning of life, when suddenly, something bigger than myself saved me.

Nine years later, I’m still learning new things (almost daily) as I dive deeper into this wonderful, crazy world of spirituality. My latest interest has been about spirit guides. This is a topic I’m just starting to learn more about, although I’ve known I’ve had “spirit guides” with me for years. Spirit guides, guardian angels, higher selves, aliens from another dimension… whatever you wanna call it.

Now, if you don’t know the story, I’ve been told that my grandma is always with me and looking out for me. You can watch the entire story on my TikTok:

I’ve always just assumed I only had guardian angels. But what if there was something more than that at play?

While scrolling TikTok endlessly as one does, I kept hearing the term “spirit guides” over and over on my For You page. What I’ve gathered about spirit guides is that they are entities/future selves/past selves/higher selves that live in a different dimension, and look after us and guide us with messages, signs, and synchronicities.

If you don’t know anything about higher selves and the different dimensions, this can be information overload. Don’t worry, I’ll explain:

For me, it’s angel numbers all day, every day. Sometimes lines of songs, or dialogue from something playing in the background on Netflix will catch my attention as if I was specifically meant to hear it. I find dimes when I’m with certain people or doing specific things, like spending time in nature, and I see ladybugs or butterflies almost every time I ask for a sign. Once you begin to pay attention, you’ll realize there’s signs everywhere.

So what does this all mean? After a little research and a whole lotta thinking, I had an epiphany one day while I was out on a walk around my neighbourhood.

We, as human beings, are made up of energy. We know that energy cannot be created or destroyed, so where do we go when we die? Our energy has to go somewhere, right? We also know that we live in 3D but are aware other dimensions exist, like 4D and 5D, even if we can’t see them. What if when we die, our energy simply transcends this dimension because it has nowhere else to go? That would mean all the energy that has ever found itself on Earth is still technically on Earth; it’s just vibrating at a higher frequency — one that we can’t see. As humans, we can’t really see much. We can only see about 0.0035% of what’s actually going on around us. Isn’t that wild? Everything gives off energy — trees, dirt, your cup of coffee, your thoughts — even if we can’t see it, we still know it’s there. So call me crazy, but I definitely believe there are entities living among us, probably right beside us, just in another dimension, and we don’t even know who or what they are.

What if our spirit guides are entities that have passed on from this realm, and have attached themselves to us for whatever reason, and are guiding us through life without us knowing? Maybe they have unfinished business or lessons to learn, and that’s part of our soul’s purpose. Reincarnating over and over until we get it right. I believe past lives are real; just ask someone whose ever had a past life regression done.

I think we can have spirit guides whom we’ve known and loved, like my grandma, who is more like my guardian angel, and we can also have spirit guides we’ve never met.

Have you ever wondered why you like certain things for no reason? For me, I’m obsessed with ancient Egypt and the pyramids, Greek mythology, and the Salem witch trials. Like, for no reason. I’m completely fascinated with them and absorb myself in books and documentaries, and I feel like I can never learn enough about those topics. Maybe this is because I have some spirit guide whose past life was spent in Egypt or Greece. Maybe I was a witch. (Who are we kidding, I’m definitely a witch.)

Or have you ever wondered why you’re automatically drawn to certain people? When you meet someone new and it feels like you’ve known them your whole life, what if that’s because your spirit guides recognize that person’s energy? Perhaps they’ve loved that person’s spirit in a past life, hence the term soulmates.

We’re all just bundles of stardust and energy experiencing the universe in a human body. You can’t tell me you’re just you and that’s all there is to it. No way.

There are ways to try to get into contact with your spirit guides. You can try meditation, tarot readings, or meeting them through your dreams. I’ve tried guided meditations on Spotify and I keep a dream journal, but I’ve never found the answers I was looking for. That was, until I tried this tarot spread I found on Pinterest:

I’m not going to explain my entire spread and all of the cards I pulled, but I am going to tell you what happened when I drew the first two cards. I connected with one of my spirit guides, no doubt about it.

For the first card of the spread, the card that represented my spirit guide, I pulled the Five of Pentacles. The Five of Pentacles concerns itself with poverty and lack. Who did I know that was poor? Who lived with less?

Naturally, my grandparents, specifically my grandma, came to mind. My grandmother grew up in the 1930s and married a farmer. Together, my grandparents worked their whole lives and had eight children to look after. So sure, money was tight. I didn’t automatically assume I was connected to her during my tarot reading, I just noticed my thoughts and moved to the next card.

I drew the second card, which represented how I could better listen to my spirit guide. I pulled the King of Pentacles. As I went to flip to the King of Pentacles page in my tarot book to learn more, I was shocked when I saw this:

I don’t remember when I wrote that or why I wrote that. But it was there, as if confirmation it really was my grandma who I had connected with during my reading.

Playing out the rest of my cards, my reading told me that in order to stay connected to my spirit guide, I need to keep healing and working on forgiveness. I also need to save my money because traveling is part of my life’s purpose, and so is speaking my truth. Hence, this blog post.

The next day, I was cleaning my room when I picked up a tiny glass vase I have on my window ledge where I keep any dimes that I’ve found. Part of the story with my grandma being my guardian angel is that she leaves me dimes to find. Only recently did I start saving them, and for no particular reason, I decided to dump out the vase to see how many dimes were in there.

I counted five dimes.

Like, the Five of Pentacles.

It’s crazy, this life. Nothing is a coincidence, and when you start to realize that, you realize how much power you have. Some people might never clue in to these little messages, and others will definitely think you’re losing your mind. As insane as it seems, these little signs and synchronicities are what keep me going. As long as I continue to see them, I’ll believe I’m on the right path.

Lean on your spirit guides, especially during tough times (like the entire year of 2020). As long as you stay present, connect with yourself and the world around you, listen to and trust your intuition, they’ll communicate with you by nudging you in the right direction.

Spirit guides are nothing to be afraid of. This isn’t witchcraft or summoning negative spirits. The way I see it, our spirit guides are essentially our higher selves, and they only want the best for us. In truth, they can provide a lot of answers or clarity when you’re feeling lost.

This tarot spread confirmed something I already knew, and I’m curious to see what other kinds of entities are part of my spirit guide circle. I have tons of cool spreads on my Pinterest board for you to check out if this one didn’t resonate with you.

Have you met your spirit guides? I’m fascinated by the topic and want to hear your stories. Send me a message or leave a comment below!