on starting a beauty business during lockdown

I couldn’t have picked a better year to launch my business. I’m not kidding — Brows By Bix is a dream that I’ve made come true, and it’s all because of COVID.

At the beginning of 2020, I was working a job that left me mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. Not to mention financially drained because I was drinking every weekend to “blow off steam.” Things weren’t working, clearly.

I write that, and that era of my life feels like a million miles away. That was a totally different version of myself than I am today, and I bet a lot of people’s lives are feeling that way. Nobody’s coming out of 2020 unscathed.

I took my time off and did a personal rebrand — we love a good rebrand. I’m currently going through another one at the moment, it’s amazing. Realizing that I was not about to have the fate of my future in the hands of a sole employer ever again, I figured out what my passions were and how to utilize them. For me, I’ve always been a big eyebrow girl. So I signed up for a course to become certified in doing them, and I started my own business.

I make it sound so easy. It hasn’t been. But, if it were easy, everyone would do it. It takes equal parts self-discipline and total surrender to run a business. By this, I mean you have to be self-motivated to sit down and do the work, but you also have to realize that some things are completely out of your control and learn how to go with the flow. Like, every time I feel like my big break is right around the corner, something major like a provincial-ordered lockdown happens.

2020, am I right???

In all seriousness, I would not be in the high spirits I am without everyone’s support. Even the little things, like sharing my post to your story or shouting me out to your friends, means the entire world to me. There’s so much love involved with my business, and that’s why I’m so happy doing what I do. My clients love their brows, which in turn makes them love themselves more, which makes me love doing brows even more than I already do. It’s all love.

The day you plant the seeds is not the day you eat the fruit.

I will find my footing. The clients will come. The money will flow again. For now, I’m grateful I can afford to comfortably sit at home in my sweatpants while we continue to navigate COVID. The best thing I can do is make goals, plan ways of achieving them, and work on executing those plans every single day.

That “big break” that I’m looking for? I’m not sure it’ll ever come in the way I expected it to — like, BOOM, all of a sudden I’m amazing at brows and I get Instagram famous. No, that’s not really how it works. I’m still gonna be super-successful with my business, obviously, I just mean that I’m always going to be practicing and enhancing my craft, so there’s never really going to be a “big break.” Every time I’m comfortable with my work, that means it’s time to learn something new and begin again; add another layer to myself and my abilities.

I’m always a beginner in this life, and I’m always learning.

If this year has taught me anything, it’s to appreciate everything and expect nothing. To work for what I really want in this life is a reward in itself. To use my creativity and be my own boss is a dream so many people desire, but never get out of their comfort zone. All I can do is be proud of how far I’ve come, especially since it’s only been three months! Big blessings are on their way, but the blessings I have surrounding me right now are pretty damn good, too.

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