is lip filler worth the hype?

Strangely enough, pumping my lips full of filler made me want to go more natural in my every day life.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor or any type of botox specialist. These are my own opinions based on my experience.

The number of women who have had lip injections over the last few years seems to have dramatically increased. Everyone has them. It’s hard not to want big lips, especially given the Kardashian/Jenner culture we live in, and every gorgeous Instagram model has the perfect pout.

Thanks to my social media addition and my lacklustre ability to keep up the status quo, I wanted my lips done. At home, I loved how my lips appeared fuller when I over-lined them, which I did whenever I went out, and I wanted them to permanently stay that way.

However, lip fillers are expensive and sometimes you can’t even tell the difference between before and after once the swelling goes down. I was a little hesitant to drop almost $500 on getting mine done, but I booked an appointment anyway.

I hadn’t done a consultation so I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into, but I wasn’t nervous at all. My good friend Amanda works at Lift, a practice her sister opened in Medicine Hat. Amanda was so calm and inviting (as always), and knowledgable about the various types of products and procedures. I left it up to her to decide what we were going to do, so we froze my lips, did a lip flip, injected half a syringe of filler, and called it a day.

The picture below is the result of my first visit with her.

Safe to say, I was already thinking about booking another appointment to pump my lips to the high heavens with the second-half of the syringe before I even left Lift.

But why? Why was I so interested in changing the look of my face?

I find it’s a hard battle to decipher between wanting to feel more confident verses succumbing to the ridiculously extreme beauty standards of society. Where do I draw the line?

Lip fillers made me feel more confident, but where in my life did I lose that confidence? When did I start feeling insecure about the size of my lips? Food for thought.

I rested in bed for the night with an ice pack on my lips while watching Netflix. Barely bruised, there was no need to take any painkillers. Unsure if I have a higher pain tolerance or if lip fillers were just a breeze, I had no regrets.

It took about five days to notice the botox kick in for my lip flip. To do a lip flip, botox is injected around the lining of the upper lip, which relaxes the muscles around the mouth to flip the lip upwards, as seen on Instagram models everywhere.

I first noticed the lip flip revealing itself when I went to eat a bowl of soup and couldn’t wrap my lips around the spoon. Or when I tried to rub my lips together after putting on lip chap and my top lip wouldn’t come down. It was hilarious and embarrassing to eat in public, but was totally worth it once it healed — my pout was perfect.

Yet I wanted more, naturally.

Amanda and I agreed to put another half syringe in my lips two weeks after the first appointment. We added most of the syringe to the bottom lip to give it more oomf in comparison to the top and to balance everything out after the lip flip.

I was immediately in love with how they turned out.

Now it’s been about two months since my last visit and I feel like I could already use another syringe, but I told myself I’d wait at least six months before getting more. It’s easy to want too much too soon, and I now understand how botox can be totally addicting.

lip fillers

Since having my lips done, I don’t have to over-line my lips anymore and I usually just wear lip balm or gloss instead of going to town with lipstick. I love how natural they look, and I’d eventually love to stop wearing so much makeup altogether. If getting botox makes me feel more confident without makeup on, bring it on any beauty procedures that do so — mircroblading, you’re up next!

In my opinion, the lip flip is worth the hype — but make sure you really want it. It really does have the ability to change the entire look of your face.

Will I get more in the future? Yes, probably. Do I regret spending almost $500 on the procedure? Also yes, a little bit. Although I can tell a huge difference from what they looked like before, after the swelling went down, nobody really noticed I had my lips done. (My own mother didn’t even notice.) I still love them and am happy with my decision to get them done. I’m more confident and the lip flip did exactly what I wanted it to do.

I would absolutely recommend Amanda or anyone who works at Lift. The Lift girls are so incredibly comforting, they’ll make you feel like you’re in good hands, well, because you are. Everyone is different, and they know what’s best for you. They’re total pros with a well-deserved five-star rating. If you’re in the southern Alberta area, you should definitely check them out.