feature: a is for amy

I met Amy Nunweiler this summer at Station Coffee Co. in Medicine Hat, Alberta. It wasn’t hard to pick her out of the crowd; she was wearing an oversized Nirvana tee with biker shorts, high white socks, and Nike Air Force 1’s on her feet. Her camera hung from a floral print strap around her neck among crystal necklaces. Her style stood out from everyone in the coffee shop.

Except when I walked in, I was wearing the same outfit — but I had a Snoop Dogg tee on. I knew we were going to be fast friends.

Although Medicine Hat is her hometown, Amy is moving to Vancouver at the end of August to attend fashion design school at Blanche MacDonald, the school to attend in Canada if you want to make it in the industry. Until then, Amy is focusing on her other skill: photography.

Amy has been playing around with (mostly broken) film cameras since she was in high school. “My first film camera was the Polaroid 600. My dad surprised me with that for Christmas one year. I had asked for it because his work had a bunch of old ones they were getting rid of and he literally picked it out of the garbage for me. He told me he couldn’t find them and that’s all I wanted for Christmas. I was so bummed, but I opened up all my gifts and afterwards he hands me a gift, and I was like, “What is this?” and he’s like, “I think you know what this is,” so I opened it and I was genuinely crying. I was so excited.”

“I started with the Polaroid, then one day my mom was getting rid of her film camera she forgot she had while she was purging her house. She brought it to the brewery I was working at and asked if I wanted it, and she sat down and had a beer while I was bartending. The first photo I ever took was of her in the brewery. No one else was in there; it was just her sitting at the bar holding a beer, and there’s an orb that came into the photo like it was meant to be.”

“All my cameras have been given to me, or they’ve been thrifted or picked out of the garbage,” Amy laughed.

Her Instagram account @a_onanalog is where she shares all her film shots. “Analog means to make something without using technology, and I shoot film instead of digital,” she explained when I asked how she came up with her Instagram handle.

Since that first meeting at the coffee shop, we’ve hung out multiple times and brainstormed how to help each other grow in our creative ventures. It’s important to support your artist friends, so Amy and I came up with the idea to collaborate on a photoshoot so I could feature her on Bixby.

If you’re in the Medicine Hat or Calgary area (and soon to be Vancouver), Amy wants to connect with you over a film shoot. She’s always looking for people to work with to expand her portfolio and grow as a photographer.

I personally love the way film looks. You never know how the picture is going to turn out until it’s developed. Amy is talented and has an eye for details — she always makes sure the light hits right and is constantly on the lookout for cool photo opportunities, like this picture she took of me standing in front of a vintage car she spotted in a busy parking lot.

“Eventually I’d like to get different cameras, but right now all I have is 35mm cameras. It’d be cool to get a 120mm, but I want to get into 9mm for video on camcorders eventually too, so there’s lots of different stuff I want to try,” she said.

Even though she’s about to go to school for fashion, photography is Amy’s favourite pastime. Her Instagram is a collection of everything that inspires her, and it’s cool to watch her evolve as time passes. Living in Vancouver is going to be good for Amy — she has plenty of room to grow there, being surrounded by other creative, likeminded people.

“I love taking pictures for the memories of them. You look at the photo and it’s nostalgic. Even just the film grain and the way the lighting is, the actual aesthetic of the photos — you look at it and you remember what you were doing when you took the photos.”

Click through to see all the photos she took during our shoot, and if you’re interested in setting up your own photoshoot with her, hit her Instagram DM’s for pricing and inquiries. Make sure to follow her to bless your timeline with her talent.